IOC and the Future of the Ocean: Sustainable Delivery and Expansion of IOC Activities


This document calls for a broad consultation on how to continue maximizing the societal benefit of IOC work and on the future IOC evolution towards producing and effectively using the science we need for the ocean we want.

The proposal is in line with the culture of the IOC’s rigorous self-assessment, strategic planning and the work on resources. The most recent phase of that effort was the 2021 UNESCO Internal Oversight Service Evaluation of the IOC Strategic Positioning. The Draft Action Plan to address the 6 recommendations in the Evaluation will be reviewed under the Assembly Agenda items 6.3 and 6.4. Having discussed the Evaluation and the Plan, the IOC Executive Council adopted at its 55th session (UNESCO HQ, Paris, 14–17 June 2022) the Decision IOC/EC-55/3.2 and Resolution IOC/EC-55/2 requesting the Executive Secretary to produce an estimate of the budget, including human resources requirements for sustained delivery of the IOC’s current core programmes and coordination of the Ocean Decade. It was subsequently sent to IOC Member States on 22 October 2022 through Circular Letter 2912 and is also annexed to this document.

The estimate triggered a positive response from UNESCO Member States and the UNESCO Executive Board at its 216th Session adopted in May 2023 a decision to significantly increase the IOC Regular Programme budget. Nevertheless, the co-design of the IOC’s future needs to continue. The Assembly will be invited to consider launching of a new consultation to that effect.

Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 31 May 2023
This document is used in the event(s): IOC Officers Meeting - January 2024
Thirty-second session of the IOC Assembly

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