Report of the IOC Executive Secretary on the work accomplished since the Thirty-first Session of the Assembly


The report starts with the strategic analysis by the Executive Secretary of the IOC’s situation and of work highlights.

It is followed by an assessment of progress in the implementation of the Programme and Budget (41 C/5) reached during the first year of the biennium (1 January-31 December 2022).

The Addendum to this document, in English only, provides a detailed update of the work accomplished over the period from June 2021 to May 2023 by IOC functions.

In addition, the ‘Report on 2022–2023 (41 C/5) Budget Implementation as at 31 December 2022’ (IOC-32/3.2.Doc(2)) and the ‘Report on the Financial Situation of the IOC Special Account at year end 2022 and forecast for 2023’ (IOC-32/3.2.Doc(3)) complete the documentation in support of the oral presentation of the Executive Secretary to the plenary session of the Assembly.

The complete Analytical Programme Implementation Report (APIR), covering the full programme quadrennium (1 January 2018–31 December 2021) and the assessment of the results framework against approved performance indicators and targets was presented to the IOC Executive Council at its 55th session in 2022 as document IOC/EC-55/3.1.Doc(1).

Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 18 Jun 2023
This document is used in the event(s): Thirty-second session of the IOC Assembly

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