Draft Programme and Budget for 2022–2025 (Second Biennium 2024–2025 – 42 C/5)


This document presents the proposal for the IOC Draft Programme and Budget for 2024–2025 (42 C/5), as submitted to the 216th session of the UNESCO Executive Board.

After introduction and discussion in plenary under item 6.1, the Assembly is invited to take note of this report and consider the draft decision referenced as Dec. IOC-32/6.1 in the Provisional Action Paper (document IOC-32/AP). The document will then be subject of an in-depth review by the sessional statutory open-ended Financial Committee and the decision reflected in the Draft Resolution that the Financial Committee will be submitting to the Assembly for adoption under item 6.4.

Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 22 Jun 2023
This document is used in the event(s): IOC Officers Meeting - January 2024
Thirty-second session of the IOC Assembly

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