OBIS Grand Unified Data Model Project Team (GUMPT)

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Terms of Reference:
The project team will explore early adoption and testing of the new data model to assess how well it works for OBIS community data, noting and sharing back to the data model team any problems encountered, suggestions for improvements, and feasibility of uptake.
1. Select between one to five use cases that most clearly align with OBIS community data and that the project team has datasets ready to test for the use case.
a. identify datasets not covered yet by any of the use cases and feedback to GBIF
2. Apply the data model to the selected datasets.
3. Document issues, suggestions, and feasibility for each use case.
4. Report these to SG-OBIS and the data model project team.
5. Explore the feasibility of using frictionless data packages instead of Darwin Core Archives.
6. Assess impact to OBIS data sysem including amount of work necessary, funding required, sources for funding if required, and recommendation on adoption.

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