I-GOOS (dissolved 2011)

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I-GOOS was dissolved by the 2011 REsolution to Strengthen and Streamline GOOS. This list is defunct and kept only as an historical side note.

I-GOOS (Intergovernmental Committee for GOOS) is the intergovernmental body responsible for strategic direction and encouraging it\'s member states to commit to sustainable support.

The intergovernmental IOC-WMO-UNEP Committee for GOOS (I-GOOS) was initially established by the IOC Executive Council at its twenty-fifth Session (Paris, March 1992) as the IOC Committee for GOOS (resolution EC-XXV.3), to, inter alia, replace the Committee on Ocean Processes and Climate. WMO and UNEP agreed to co-sponsor the Committee in 1993.

The IOC Committee for GOOS will (excerpt from resolution EC-XXV.3) :
1. be responsible for promotion, co-ordination, implementation and management of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS);
2. identify the resources needed for GOOS and the means for obtaining them;
3. develop and update plans for, initiate implementation stages and monitor the progress of GOOS;
4. develop such plans on the advice of the GOOS Technical and Scientific Advisory Panel and other scientific and technical groups as appropriate;
5. maintain liaison with related research projects as input to the design of GOOS and to help GOOS respond to research needs;
6. be responsible for the representation of GOOS at meetings of other bodies.
Participation to the I-GOOS Committee is open to all countries. Representatives to the Committee are designated by IOC Member states. IOC encourages Member States to include in their delegation those who are responsible for national contribution to GOOS.
WMO, UNEP, ICSU, as well as other interested international organizations, are invited to participate.

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