SOOP Implementation Panel (SOOPIP)

Terms of Reference
(As approved by JCOMM-5, on the basis of excerpt of annex to Resolution 12.2/2 (JCOMM-5))

The Ship-of-Opportunity Implementation Panel (SOOPIP) coordinates the installation and deployment of instrumentation from Ships of Opportunity that travel in fixed transects, and in particular coordinates the implementation of regional and basin-wide instrumentation that measure physical, chemical and biological parameters, such as XBTs, TSGs, and CPR. Its terms of reference are to:

(a) Implement, maintain, and monitor specialized shipboard instrumentation and observing practices relevant to the SOOPIP;

(b) Coordinate the exchange of recommended practices, and technical and developmental information about oceanographic instrumentation relevant to the SOOPIP;

(c) Ensure the distribution of available programme resources to ships to meet the recommended sampling network in the most efficient way;

(d) Ensure the transmission of SOOP data to the GTS and relevant data centres is are carried out according to operational and scientific requirements;

(e) Provide guidance and assistance to the SOT chairperson and SOT Technical Coordinator to produce, appropriate inventories, monitoring reports and analyses, performance indicators, implementation plans and information exchange facilities;

(f) Where relevant, serve as a platform for other observational programmes;

(g) Maintain close communications with the scientific community and periodically meet and discuss ongoing research performed with observations relevant to SOOPIP.

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