ࡱ> a F.bjbj +AbAb%=::8DT,( *T,T,T,T,T,T,T$WZPT " PTeT%%% *T% *T%%KPPs+p!N&T{T0TN[!6P"[Q % PTPT4#h T [ :B |: OPENING The Chair, Professor Peter Haugan, opened the 52nd session of the Executive Council at 10.00h in Room IV on Tuesday 25 June 2019. He welcomed the participants and briefly referred to the documentation prepared for this session. He reminded delegates that the Council was acting as the Steering Committee for the 30th session of the Assembly, in accordance with Rule of Procedure No.12(2), with no other substantial discussions on its agenda. 2. ORGANIZATION OF THE SESSION 2.1 ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA The Executive Secretary introduced this item. The Executive Council met in the morning and resumed its work later in the afternoon to adopt the summary report of the session. Outside of its agenda, three presentations on the clearinghouse mechanism for Transfer of Marine Technology, ODIS Catalogue of Sources and the Global Ocean Science Report 2020 were scheduled from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the same room with full interpretation before the Executive Council resumed its work and adopt its report. 2.2 DESIGNATION OF THE RAPPORTEUR The Chair invited the Executive Council to designate the Rapporteur for the present session. EC-LII, Dec. 2 Agenda and Rapporteur The Executive Council, Adopts the agenda as set out in document IOC/EC-LII/1Prov. Rev. Upon a proposal from Japan, seconded by China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Designates Ms Suree Satapoomin (Thailand) Rapporteur for its present session to assist the Chair and the Executive Secretary in the preparation of the summary report of the session. 3. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE 30TH SESSION OF THE ASSEMBLY 3.1 DESIGNATION OF STATUTORY COMMITTEES AND SESSIONAL WORKING GROUPS With reference to the revised provisional agenda for the Assembly, the Chair reminded the Executive Council of the role of each committees (Nominations, Resolutions and Financial) and proposed that some items be furthered examined by the Financial Committee after their discussion in plenary. He also reminded the Council that it could submit proposals on their chairpersonship and composition, but that the ultimate decision remains entirely with the Assembly. He invited Member States to consider participating in the work of committees. The three committees (Nominations, Resolutions and Financial) will meet respectively in room VI, VIII and VII. The Financial Committee is open-ended and its meetings would have English/French interpretation. The Chair reminded the Executive Council that the Financial Committee would be facing a now customary heavy workload. In addition to the items under its purview, it will be considering the follow-up to resolution EC-LI.2 on finance and regulations, governance, working methods & procedures and the preliminary proposal of the draft IOC medium-term strategy for 20222029. Chairman Haugan indicated that, during the Assembly, he would not read out the names of the Member States wishing to participate in the various committees by show of hands during the Assembly with the exception of the Nominations Committee. Only the names of the Member States present and participating in the committees and sessional working groups were to be listed in the final report of the Assembly. EC-LII, Dec. 3.1 Sessional Committees The Executive Council, Pursuant to Rule of Procedure No.12(2) the Executive Council, acting as the Steering Committee of the Assembly, recommends to the Assembly the formation of each of the following committees: Financial Committee: under the chairship of Ariel H. Troisi (Argentina, Vice-chair). Ksenia Yvinec provides the Secretariat support to the Financial Committee. Resolutions Committee: under the chairship of Yutaka Michida (Japan). Julian Barbire provides the Secretariat support to the Resolutions Committee. Nominations Committee: under the chairship of Sang-Kyung Byun (Republic of Korea). Thorkild Aarup and Salvatore Aric provide the Secretariat support to the Nominations Committee. The Chair then invited Member States and the Executive Secretary to express views on the need for sessional working groups during the Assembly on any item on its agenda, by briefly explaining the scope of their work expected. None were proposed. 3.2 CONSIDERATION OF REQUESTS FOR SUPPLEMENTARY ITEMS The Chair informed the Executive Council that, under Rules of Procedure 8, 9 and 11.2, dealing with the preparation of the agenda for the Assembly, no request for a supplementary item was received at the Secretariat by 26 April 2019 (two months before the date of the opening of the 30th session). 3.3 TIMETABLE AND ORGANIZATIONAL MATTERS The Executive Secretary briefly presented the provisional agenda and timetable for the Assembly and the main side events recorded on the Assembly webpage. He elaborated on the special room arrangement during the session. The Assembly would meet in room I during the two first days of its session and in room II for the remainder of the session. Day-2 of the Assembly will be largely dedicated to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (20212030), with an Ocean Science Day event in the morning, open to the public. The IOC Executive Secretary then expanded on the draft resolutions received by 21 June and the volume of the documentation prepared for the Assembly session. He raised an issue related with the adoption of the summary report during regular sessions of governing bodies. He reminded that the heavy agenda of the last two regular sessions of the Executive Council did not allow for adoption of the report in four languages during the session. The reports were successfully adopted by correspondence. He further pointed out that the increasing cost of hiring the translation service for that purpose far exceeds the increasing cost of translating the narrative report after the session. Decisions and resolutions would be translated and adopted during the session in four languages and the narrative part of the report will be prepared by the Secretariat and published in English only during the session and adopted by correspondence in four languages after the session. With the increasing costs of translation and interpretation, coupled with the increasing costs of central services staff that support the session and additional costs related to the first two days in Room I, this approach to report adoption is the only way for the Secretariat to stay within the available budget. It is also fully in line with the established UNESCO governing bodies practices. For the 20202021 biennium, further savings will need to be considered, in consultation with the Officers of the Commission. The Chair asked for comments and questions. There were none. EC-LII, Dec. 3.3 Timetable for the 30th session of the Assembly and organizational matters of regular governing body sessions The Executive Council, Taking into consideration the comments made by the Officers, the need to accommodate time for the reporting of sessional committees in plenary and scheduled invitation of speakers, Accepts the provisional timetable for the 30th session of the Assembly as set out in document IOC-XXX/1Add.Prov. Rev.2; Considering the financial and time constraints related to the adoption of the report in four languages in-session, Accepts to adopt the narrative part of the report of its regular sessions in four languages by correspondence after the session and the decisions and resolutions in four languages during the session; Invites the Assembly to proceed in the same manner for the adoption of its report. 4. DATES AND PLACE OF THE 53rd SESSIONOF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL AND PROPOSAL FOR DATES AND PLACE OF THE 31st SESSION OF THE ASSEMBLY The Chair reminded the Council that the Assembly and the Executive Council did not give clear indication of duration and dates for their next session. The Officers recommended that the Assembly should adopt the same scheme as for the current biennium. The Chair invited delegates to share information about the main events/conferences that will need to be taken into account when choosing the dates for the next sessions of the Council in 2020 and the Assembly in 2021. EC-LII, Dec. 4. Dates and places of next sessions of the Executive Council and Assembly The Executive Council, Taking into account both the level of funding proposed for the organization of the IOC governing body sessions in the next C/5, Considering the experience gained during the 20182019 biennium, Recalling its decision EC-LI/6.3 on the same subject and EC-LII, Dec. 3.4 on organizational matters, Recommends to the Assembly to carefully consider the items for the agenda of the 53rd session of the Executive Council of 3.5 days in June 2020; Further recommends to the Assembly to identify any potential calendar conflicts with important meetings or cultural days in June 2020 for the 53rd session of the Executive Council and a period of six working days preceded by a one-day session of the Executive Council over a period to be decided in June/July 2021 for the 31st session of the Assembly. 5. ADOPTION OF THE SUMMARY REPORT EC-LII, Dec. 5 Report The Executive Council, Having considered the draft summary report of the session (IOC/EC-LII/3sprov.) presented to it in plenary session at 17:05 on 25 June 2019, Adopts the summary report of its 52nd session as the Executive Council recommendations to the Assembly at its 30th session. 6. CLOSURE The Chair closed the 52nd session of the Executive Council at 17:07 on 25 June 2019.     IOC/EC-LII/3s page  PAGE 4 IOC/EC-LII/3s page  PAGE 3 Restricted Distribution IOC/EC-LII/3s Paris, 25 June 2019 Original: English  INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION (of UNESCO) Fifty-second Session of the Executive Council UNESCO, Paris, 25 June 2019 Summary Report  *789;=cd~ B D F H ^ z пo[&h"hEh5CJOJQJ\^JaJ h1`AhEhCJOJQJ^JaJ h h6qCJOJQJ^JaJ#h6qh6qCJH*OJQJ^JaJh6qCJOJQJ^JaJhEhCJOJQJ^JaJ h hEhCJOJQJ^JaJ h"hEhCJOJQJ^JaJh%]UCJOJQJ^JaJ h]h%]UCJOJQJ^JaJ /  z wi $x^a$gd}]$x]^a$gd/M $ & Fa$gde$ n^a$gdR $ & Fa$gd_t $ & Fa$gdEh$ n$^$a$gd & F*h[$^`*gd $ & Fa$gdEh & F ^`^gd  / X   7 8 @ ` e p    ᷦp_Q=&h"hEh5CJOJQJ\^JaJh%]UCJOJQJ^JaJ h]h%]UCJOJQJ^JaJ h_th_tCJOJQJ^JaJ&h=h=h=CJOJQJ^JaJ h=h=CJOJQJ^JaJ h0h0CJOJQJ^JaJh0CJOJQJ^JaJh5CJOJQJ^JaJh_tCJOJQJ^JaJhEhCJOJQJ^JaJ h'hEhCJOJQJ^JaJ ! 3 y z  D N ɱr`M*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ h/Mh+CJOJQJ^JaJ$h/Mh+CJOJPJQJ^JaJ#h,h+5CJOJPJQJ^Jh,h+CJOJQJ^Jh,h+>*CJOJQJ^Jh+>*CJOJQJ^J$h/Mh+CJOJPJQJ^JaJ/hRh}]5CJOJPJQJ^JaJmH sH /hRh+>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJmH sH hEhCJOJQJ^JaJ ha-hEhCJOJQJ^JaJ D /ut~$x]^a$gd+ $xa$gd}]$ & F a$gd4J$ & F a$gdEh$ n^a$gd= & F6^`6gd=$x]^a$gd}]$x]^a$gd/M N ./9:WX\tuv|n]|L;-;hKCJOJQJ^JaJ heheCJOJQJ^JaJ hKhEhCJOJQJ^JaJ h]h" CJOJQJ^JaJh" CJOJQJ^JaJheCJOJQJ^JaJ h]h0eCJOJQJ^JaJ&h]h%]U5CJOJQJ\^JaJ h]h%]UCJOJQJ^JaJ h]h8CJOJQJ^JaJh8CJOJQJ^JaJh/E{CJOJQJ^JaJ$h/Mh+CJOJPJQJ^JaJfg$G´veT?)h1`AhEhB*CJOJQJ^JaJph h4Jh4JCJOJQJ^JaJ h4hEhCJOJQJ^JaJ hh-CJOJQJ^JaJ hhEhCJOJQJ^JaJhKCJOJQJ^JaJh-CJOJQJ^JaJhW^ACJOJQJ^JaJh4JCJOJQJ^JaJ hmLhEhCJOJQJ^JaJ h"hEhCJOJQJ^JaJhEhCJOJQJ^JaJmn st",AMqд᠏{jWPHPDP9hsh+mH sH h+hsh+>* hsh+$h,h+CJOJPJQJ^JaJ!h+5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h+oh+5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ!h+>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h/Mh+>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJhW^ACJOJQJ^JaJh=CJOJQJ^JaJ hmLhEhCJOJQJ^JaJhEhCJOJQJ^JaJhEhB*CJOJQJ^JphqZ[S!"""~$a$gd/M $S^Sa$gd}]$ n$^$a$gd=$ & F 8a$gdEh$ n^a$gd=$ & F 8a$gdr$^`a$gd|$ & F^a$gdpQJ$a$gd}](?UnoYZ[\fk>QRSWʹ}l[ h]h%]UCJOJQJ^JaJ h*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ!hN>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h/MhG >*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ#h/MhG 6CJOJQJ^JaJhG CJOJQJ]^JaJ#h/Mhr6CJOJQJ^JaJhvCJOJQJ]^JaJh=CJOJQJ]^JaJhAfCJOJQJ]^JaJ#h@h@CJOJQJ]^JaJh-r7CJOJQJ]^JaJh@CJOJQJ]^JaJ"."0"H"""""#V#]#b##############;$B$E$L$Z$c$ %%"%$%a%b%yohohh_h]hEh^J h/MhG h/MhG ]hh"hG ^J hG ^Jhs5hG ^JhshG H* hG >*hG hshG h/hG >*$h,hG CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h+ohG 5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ*h+ohG 5CJH*OJPJQJ^JaJ!hG 5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ$""""V##E$ %b%%&'''(( $^a$gd/M$ & F 8a$gd$$ & F 8a$gdr & F6^`6gdRhgd}]gd/M$x]^a$gdG $a$gd/M $n^na$gd/Mb%d%e%t%}%%%%%%%%%&3&k&p&&&&&'''ķĝrrrrcQc#h$h$CJOJQJ]^JaJh$CJOJQJ]^JaJ#hn=hrCJOJQJ]^JaJhrCJOJQJ]^JaJh_tCJOJQJhRh_tCJOJQJhRhtcCJOJQJhRh" CJOJQJhRhjCJOJQJhRhCJOJQJ h/Mh LCJOJQJ^JaJ h/MhE'CJOJQJ^JaJ''''((1(2(E(c(h(((((((((((( ))/)?)[)e)m)u)))ɵyrnrgryrgrnrnbn[nTnyrgrn hKuh L h<#h L h L>* h/Mh Lh L hsh Lhsh L>*h LCJOJPJQJ^JaJ$h,h LCJOJPJQJ^JaJ!h L5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h+oh L5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ!h L>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ!hEV>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h/Mh L>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJ(2((([))M+o+~+++*,,,-- -gdr$ & F 8a$gd$x]^a$gd L $^a$gd/M $x^a$gd/M & F6^`6gdRhgd}]gd/M$jx]^ja$gd a)))))))))))U*}****++!+"+1+3+4+K+L+M+P+n+o+~+++Ķo^!h L5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h+oh L5CJOJPJQJ^JaJ'h/Mh L>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJh/E{CJOJQJ^JaJ h]h%]UCJOJQJ^JaJh LCJOJQJ^JaJh,h LPJ^Jhsh L>* h L>* hh Lhh L^J hsh Lh Lh<#h LH*++++++++++,,,,,',*,0,P,z,,,,,,,,,,,ÿ÷÷ίsaRh_tCJOJQJ]^JaJ#hRhrCJOJQJ]^JaJhBOxCJOJQJ]^JaJh%]UCJOJQJ^JaJ h]h%]UCJOJQJ^JaJh LCJOJQJ^JaJh LPJ^Jhsh LH*h_th L h/Mh L hsh Lhsh L>*h LCJOJPJQJ^JaJ$h,h LCJOJPJQJ^JaJ,,,----- - - -------- -!-#-%-&-ϽqcqUqGqh!vCJOJQJ^JaJhgCJOJQJ^JaJheCJOJQJ^JaJ h ]hgCJOJQJ^JaJh`'jh`'UhrhrnH tH #h0lGhrCJOJQJ]^JaJ#h5hrCJOJQJ]^JaJ#h5hBOxCJOJQJ]^JaJ#hRhrCJOJQJ]^JaJhBOxCJOJQJ]^JaJhrCJOJQJ]^JaJ - - ----------&-6-7-8-G-W-X----$ a$gd~/  gd~/^gdUgdc&-'-+-,-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-?-B-C-E-F-G-H-L-«’ynjYKY=KY/YhpQJCJOJQJ^JaJh!vCJOJQJ^JaJhgCJOJQJ^JaJ hUhgCJOJQJ^JaJhghchgmH sH 0jhUhg0JCJOJQJU^JaJ*0hlJ0JCJOJQJ^JaJmHnHsH u*,hchg0JCJOJQJ^JaJmH sH -jhUhg0JCJOJQJU^JaJ(hchgCJOJQJ^JaJmH sH "hpQJCJOJQJ^JaJmH sH L-M-S-T-U-V-W-X-o-p-q-u-x-y-{-|-~-诫ufWH9*h1 75CJ$OJQJ^JaJ$hEh5CJ$OJQJ^JaJ$h" 5CJ$OJQJ^JaJ$h/E{5CJ$OJQJ^JaJ$hv5CJ$OJQJ^JaJ$#hUhg5CJ$OJQJ^JaJ$hg^JaJhLT^hg^JaJ hM%hgCJOJQJ^JaJhg hUhgCJOJQJ^JaJ)hlJ0JCJOJQJ^JaJmHnHu$hUhg0JCJOJQJ^JaJ-jhUhg0JCJOJQJU^JaJ~-------------------˽ٝygUgF7h85CJOJQJ^JaJhj5CJOJQJ^JaJ#h/E{hgCJOJQJ\^JaJ#h/E{hg5CJOJQJ^JaJ(jhLT^hgU^JaJmHnHuhg5CJOJQJ^JaJ#hM%hg5CJOJQJ^JaJh" CJOJQJ^JaJhEhCJOJQJ^JaJh1 7CJOJQJ^JaJ hM%hgCJOJQJ^JaJhg5^JaJhLT^hg5^JaJ------...iM # `0p@ P ^ gdK # `0pEP ^ gdK $ & `0p@ P ^ a$gd/8  `0pP ^ gd/8$ & `0p@ Pa$gd/8%$ 8`0p@ H4Pla$gdR---..!.#.,.-.../.0.2.@.A.B.C.D.E.Ͻrn\G=9n5h`'hEhhEhOJQJ^J)h/E{hEh5;CJOJQJ\^JaJ#h1 75;CJOJQJ\^JaJhgh/E{hgCJ^JaJh/E{hgCJ\^JaJ#h/E{hHPCJOJQJ\^JaJh" CJOJQJ\^JaJh!CJOJQJ\^JaJ#h/E{hgCJOJQJ\^JaJ#h/E{hg5CJOJQJ^JaJh85CJOJQJ^JaJh=5CJOJQJ^JaJ../.0.1.2.A.B.C.D.E.F.gdr$a$gdEhgd/8$a$gd/8 `0pP ^ gd/8 E.F.hrhrnH tH < 00&P 1F:pc. 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