Working with UNESCO: Guidebook for Members of UNESCO’s International and Intergovernmental Bodies

Author(s) UNESCO
Summary Furthermore, as a key step in the reform process, at its 39th session, in November 2017, the General Conference of UNESCO endorsed the recommendations of the open-ended Working Group of Member States on Governance, procedures and methods of work of the Governing Bodies of the Organization (39 C/Resolution 87). Among the 131 recommendations, three concerned the production of a short user-friendly guidebook including good practices and acronyms to familiarize (new) members of the Organization’s International and Intergovernmental Bodies (IIBs) with the working methods and C/4 and C/5 mechanisms (recommendation 76). This publication has been prepared as part of the follow-up by UNESCO’s Secretariat to the General Conference’s resolution.
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Status Published on 25 Jun 2019

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