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Details of Prof. Tufan Koray   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Hydrobiology Department
Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries ( EU SUFAK)
Temel Bilimler Bornova 35100
Campus,35100, Bornova
Tel [90] (232) 3112851
Fax 90 (232)3883685
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Degree Ph. D.
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Pollution , Pollution
Research Activities National expert on the toxic marine micro-algae, marine ecology, ecometry and statistics
Research Region Aegean Sea, Sea of Marmara, 5, Eastern Mediterranean
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Tufan KORAY)

BALKIS, N., KORAY, T., (2014): A Check-List of Tintinnids (Protozoa: Ciliophora) in the Coastal Zone of Turkey. Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 46(4): 1029-1038.
SABANCI , F. Ç., KORAY, T., (2012): The dinoflagellat species distributed in izmir Bay (Aegean Sea) and the seasonal changes of species diversity. International Review of Hydrobiology, 5(2):71.
SABANCI , F. Ç., KORAY, T., BÜYÜKI?IK, B., (2011): A qualitative study of the microphytobenthic communities of homa lagoon (Izmir-Turkey). Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 2(20):346-353.
SABANCI , F. Ç., KORAY, T., (2011): Annual Variation in The Diversity, Species Richness And Composition Of The Phytoplankton Assemblages in The Izmir Bay (Eastern Aegean), Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 11: 303-313.
COLAK SABANCI, F., KORAY, T., (2010): Four New Records for the Benthic Diatoms (Genera Cocconeis, Seminavis, Synedra and Trachysphenia) from Aegean Sea. Turkish Journal of Botany. (doi:10.3906/bot-0912-2).
SUNLU F. S., DEM?R I., ENG?N G. O., BÜYÜKI?IK B., SUNLU U., KORAY, T., KÜKRER S., (2009): Nanoplankton population Dynamics and dissolved oxygen change across the bay of Izmir by neural Networks.Journal of Environmental Monitoring. DOI: 10.1039/b815185g/paper.
SEYFETT?N TA?, ERDO?AN OKU?, TUFAN KORAY, (2006), New Record of a Dinoflagellate Species Corythodinium tesselatum (Stein) Loeblich Jr. & Loeblich III from Turkish Coastal Waters of the North-eastern Mediterranean Sea. Turk. J. Bot., 30, 55-57.
SUNLU F. S., BÜYÜKI?IK B., KORAY, T., SUNLU U., (2006): Growth kinetics of Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenberg) Reimann and Lewin isolated from Aegean Sea Coastal water (Izmir Bay/Turkiye). Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 9(1): 15-21.
KORAY, T. (2004): Potentially Toxic and Harmful Phytoplankton Species Along the Coast of the Turkish Seas. Steidinger, K. A., J. H. Landsberg, C. R. Tomas, and G. A. Vargo (Eds.). Harmful Algae 2002. Biogegraphy and rwgional events sessions. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Institute of Oceanography, and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. 335-337.
KORAY, T., BÜYÜKISIK, B., BENLI, H. A., GÖKPINAR, S. (1992): Phytoplankton blooming and zooplankton swarms in eutrophied zones of Aegean Sea (Izmir Bay). Rapp. Comm. int. Mer Medit., 33, 257a.
KORAY, T. (1990): Factors effecting diatom abundance in a polluted area (Izmir Bay, Aegean Sea): A multiple regression model. International Journal of Thalassographica, Suppl. 1, 27-32.
KORAY, T., BÜYÜKISIK, B. (1988): Toxic dinoflagellate blooms in the harbour region of Izmir Bay (Aegean Sea). Rev. Int. Oceanogr. M?d., 141-142:25-43.

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