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Details of Dr Michael Mutua NGULI   


Gender male
Job title Principal Research Officer
Department Marine and Coastal Research
P.O. Box 81651
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel 254 11 472527
Fax 254 11 472527
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Website http://www.kmfri.co.org
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Degree PhD, MSci,MSci, DESS, BSc
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology
Research Activities Physical Ocenography -Water circulation, Water exchange and Currents -Coastal meteorology, Wind and rainfall variations -Water properties -satellite imagery product interpretations -Tidal dynamics -Modeling

Kishwahili, French
Research Region 46, 71
Skills/Expertise Oceanography (CTD)data analysis and water structure and water excahnge and dymamic interpretations Analysis of satellite, atmospheric,Oceanographic parameters-MODIS aqua Imagery level 2, SST,chla, and SSS, Waves, wind, sea level products etc. Single beam(SB) and multi-beam (MB) data analysis
Comments Current working on African Management of Environment for Sustainable Development(AMESD-Project) and doubling in as National Focal Point. 2. Writing a Book on introduction to Oceanography of the Kenya Coast and the rest of the Western Indian OceanOcean 3. Developing Resource Management Document for Kenya South Coast area 4.Interested in GOOS-AFRICA (ROOFS-AFRICA) Activities in WIO. 5.Developing Oceanography Education Modules for Kenyan Shools and Universities
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Michael NGULI)

Munga D., Nguli M.M. et al, [2006] Land-based Activities, Pollution Sources and level in water and sediment in the coastal and marine areas of Kenya ©UNEP-GEF WIO-lab Project, May 2006, Report 48pp.
Nguli M.M; Rydberg L. & Julius F [2006] Estimate of water Residence Times in Tudor Creek, Kenya Based on Sea Surface Heat Fluxes and observations of the Horizontal Temperature Gradient during Different Seasons. WIO J. Mar. Sci. Vol. 5 No.2pp.163-178.
Nguli, M.M. [2000] Water exchange and circulation in selected Kenyan Creeks.Thesis, 2000, 450pp.
Johnson, D.R. Nguli M.M. & Kimani E. [1982] The response of annually reversing monsoon winds at the southern boundary of the Somalia current, Deep-Sea Research, 20:1217 - 1227.

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