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Details of Mr. Eduardo Klein   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Center for Marine Biodiversity, INTECMAR, Dept. Enviromnetal studies
Universidad Simon Bolivar ( U.S.B.)
Universidad Simón Bolívar Pabellón 2 de Biologia Apartado 89000 Baruta Caracas 1080-A, Venezuela 89000
Regions Black Sea
Nationality Venezuela
Tel +61 412 232616
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Website http://lsr.cbm.usb.ve, http://lsr.cbm.usb.ve
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Degree MSc Marine Ressourses Management
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Physical Oceanography , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities Coordinator of the Center for Marine Biodiversity at Simón Bolívar University. Associate researcher of the Institute of Technology and Marine Sciences at USB. Currently head of Department of Environmental Studies USB.

Co-chair of the OBIS SG group
Member of the Caribbean Marine Atlas -2 Steering Group
Coordinator of the Caribbean OBIS Node
Ressource Persson for the CBD in their EBSA and SOI processes
Research Region 35
Working languages Spanish, English, French
Skills/Expertise Research on ecology of tropical marine ecosystems and biodiversity, Coastal oceanographic processes specially coastal upwelling using remote sensing technologies. Marine ecology, environmental impact assessment, and environmental baseline studies, with extensive use of statistical/numerical methods for the analysis of ecological data. Research focused specifically on remote sensing applied to oceanography and environmental studies, including image management & correction, geo referencing, data extraction, and spatial modeling. Data analysis developed mostly in R using Python and other tools when needed. Highly experienced in classical to modern statistical analysis (EDA, linear regression, ANOVA), multivariate analysis using ordination methods (mostly MDS classification), and machine learning algorithms for prediction and identification of patterns (mostly regression and classification trees). Experience with time series analysis (time and frequency domains) for meteorological, oceanographic, and RS data for more than 20 environmental impact assessments and baseline studies. Skilled in analysis of complex geospatial layers to model and evaluate human impacts on marine ecosystems, design pipeline routes and coastal facilities for the oil industry, and to configure a system for the selection of priority conservation areas.

PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Eduardo KLEIN)

Laboy, E. Klein E. Conde, JE, Losada, F, Cruz JJ y Bone, D. [2001] Mass mortality of marine organism in the Morrocoy National Park. Bull. Marine Science 68(2) 163-179
Bone, D. y E. Klein. [2000] Temporal variation in a tropical soft-bottom community, Venezuela. J. Coastal Research. 16(2):278-286
Bone D., D. Pérez, A. Villamizar, P. Penchaszadeh y E. Klein. [1998] Parque Nacional Morrocoy. Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity (CARICOMP): Coral Reef, Seagrass and Mangrove site characteristics. B. Kjerfve (ed) Pp 151-159. UNESCO, París 347 p

Group(s): IODE , IODE SG-OBIS , OBIS , OBIS Technical Task Team , ADU Contact Points , OBIS Executive Committee
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