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Details of Dr. José Luis Esteves   


Gender male
Job title Marine chemistry
Department Oceanografía Química y Contaminación de Aguas
Centro Nacional Patagónico-CONICET ( CENPAT)
Bvd. Brown 2915 Puerto Madryn U9120ACD
Centro Nacional Patagónico-CONICET Bvd. Brown 2915
Puerto Madryn
Regions Black Sea
Tel +54 280 4883184
Fax +54 280 4883543
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Website http://www.cenpat.edu.ar/, http://www.patagonianatural.org
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Degree Docteur en Océanologie Licencié en Sciences Chimiques
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Pollution , Chemical Oceanography , Pollution
Research Activities The main activities are relate with chemical oceanography of the Southwestern Atlantic ocean and Antarctic waters. Chemical and biological processes in coastal areas generated by human impact. Coastal eutrophication, nutrient uptake by plankton or seaweed; flow of nutrients in sediment-water interface, nitrification, denitrification and other processes related to nitrogen cycling under different redox conditions. Models of coastal marine ecosystems. Coastal pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons.
Research Region Atlantic and Antarctic Ocean - Argentine Sea - Patagonian gulfs
Skills/Expertise Chemical oceanography. Water pollution
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. José ESTEVES)

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Olivera N., Esteves J.L. y Commendatore M., 1997: Alkane biodegradation by a microbial community from contaminated sediments in Patagonia, Argentina. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 40 (1), 75 : 79
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