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Details of Mr Henri SAVINA   


Job title Head Operations
Météo France, Paris (
1, Quai Branly Paris cedex 07 75340
Météo-France, Direction de la Prévision, Division Marine et Océanographie, 42 avenue Gaspard Coriolis, 31057 Toulouse cedex 1
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Sea of Azov
Tel (33 5) 61 07 82 91
Fax (33 5) 61 07 82 09
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Job type Operational Support (technical)
Research Area(s) Climatology, Meteorology , Climatology, Meteorology
Research Activities JCOMM

Group(s): JCOMM , Services and Forecasting Systems Programme Area (SFSPA) , Services and Forecasting Systems Coordination Group (SCG) , Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services (ETMSS) , Expert Team on Operational Ocean Forecast Systems (ETOOFS) , JCOMM Members (WMO Publication No.5) , Ad hoc Task Team on JCOMM Coordination for Marine Environmental Emergency Responses
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