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Details of Dr. Paolo Magni   


Gender male
Job title Researcher
Department National Research Council of Italy, Institute for Coastal Marine Environment (CNR-IAMC)
Tel +39 0783 229139
Fax +39 0783 229135
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Degree PhD (Ehime University, Japan); Laurea (Genoa University, Italy)
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Pollution , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Pollution
Research Activities Currently I am involved in the EU FP7 project COMMON SENSE - Cost-effective sensors, interoperable with international existing ocean observing systems, to meet EU policies requirements (http://www.commonsenseproject.eu/) as the Scientific PI of the CNR Consortium formed by 3 Institutes (ISMAR, IAMC and ICTP) and Management Committee member (Nov 2013 - Feb 2017), in the EU FP7 project VECTORS - Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors 2011-2014 (http://www.marine-vectors.eu/) as a Steering Committee member and WP6 deputy leader (Synthesis for policymakers and stakeholders) (Feb 2011 - Feb 2015) and in the National Flagship Project RITMARE – The Italian Research for the Sea – coordinated by the Italian National Research Council and funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (http://www.ritmare.it/) as SP3-WP5 leader (Supporting maritime space planning). I act as a member of national technical-scientific committees (e.g. National Strategy for the Adaptation to Climate Change for Italy – Biodiversity and Coastal Ecosystems Working Group; ISPRA - Ministry of Environment, MED-GIG) and international working groups (e.g. ICES-BEWG). My research interests include marine benthic ecology; soft-bottom communities and trophic relationships as traced by C and N stable isotope analysis; assessment of stress indicators in the marine benthos; nutrient cycling in coastal marine ecosystems; environmental pollution; marine directives (WFD; 2006/60/EC and MSFD; 2008/56/EC). I published over 50 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and books, co-edited the proceedings of international workshops, and routinely act as a referee for several international scientific journals.

Japanese, Spanish
Research Region 2, 3
Skills/Expertise Demonstrated successful experience in large-scale project design, management, supervision and monitoring, as a senior project manager, workpackage Leader, and steering committee member of international research projects, including several EC-funded projects such as IMAC - Integrated Management of East Mediterranean Coastlines; MarBEF - EU Network of Excellence in Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning; BIOCOMBE - The impact of BIOdiversity changes in COastal Marine Benthic Ecosystems; MARBENA: Creating a long term infrastructure for marine biodiversity research in the European Economic Area and the Newly Associated States; ARENA - A Regional Capacity Building and Networking Programme to Upgrade Monitoring and Forecasting Activity in the Black Sea Basin; MAMA - Mediterranean network to Access and upgrade the Monitoring and forecasting Activity in the region. Demonstrated experience of working in international and multi-country contexts, with special reference to the Mediterranean Sea region. Management-related skills acquired in multi-year working experiences both in the private and the public sectors, e.g. acting as a member of the Steering Committee of the Foundation IMC – International Marine Centre (Italy) and participant in UNEP/MAP’s activities (2002-2006), including the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (2006-2007). Proficiency in data bases management and the statistical analysis of scientific data.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Paolo MAGNI)

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