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Details of  Isaac Gertman   


Gender male
Job title Head, Department of Physical Oceanography; Head, Israel Marine Data Center (ISRAMAR)
Department Physical Oceanography Department
Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Haifa Tel- Shikmona, P.O.B. 8030
Tel 972 4 8565277
Fax 972 4 8511911
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Website http://isramar.ocean.org.il, http://www.ocean.org.il/MainPageEng.asp, http://isramar.ocean.org.il/isramar2009/DeadSea/Default.aspx
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Degree PhD; MSc in Physical Oceanography
Job type Research , Data Management
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Limnology , Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Limnology
Research Activities Marine thermohaline structures and circulation: formation, stability, long-term changes. Marine operational forecasting. Oceanographic data bases development.
Research Region 2, 3, 41, 5
Skills/Expertise Data analysis, Model implementation, Data Base development, Programming, CTD measurement
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Isaac GERTMAN)

Özsoy, E., Sofianos, S., Gertman, I., Mantziafou, A., Aydogdu, A., Georgiou, S., Tutsak, E., Latif, M.A. [2014] Deep-water variability and interbasin interactions in the eastern Mediterranean sea. Geophysical Monograph Series, 202, pp. 85-112.
Gertman I. [2012]. Dead Sea. In: ?Encylopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs?, (eds. Lars Bengtsson, Reginald W. Herschy, Rhodes W. Fairbridge). Springer, 212-216.
Kress N., Herut, B, Gertman, I. [2012] Nutrient distribution in the Eastern Mediterranean before and after the transient event. In: Stambler N. (Ed.), ?Life in the Mediterranean Sea: A Look at Habitat Changes?. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. pp 157-174
Menna M., Poulain P.-M., Zodiatis G., Gertman I. [2012] On the surface circulation of the Levantine sub-basin derived from Lagrangian drifters and satellite altimetry data. Deep Sea Research, I-65, 46-58.
Brenner S., Gertman I., Murashkovsky A. [2007] Preoperational ocean forecasting in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea: Implementation and evaluation of the models and selection of the atmospheric forcing. Journal of Marine Systems, 65:268-287.
Gertman I., Pinardi N., Popov Y. and Hecht A. [2006] Aegean Sea water masses during the early stages of the Eastern Mediterranean Climatic Transient (1988-1990) Journal of Physical Oceanography. Vol. 36, No. 9, 1841?1859.
Gertman, I. and Hecht, A. [2002] The Dead Sea hydrography from 1992 to 2000. Journal of Marine Systems. vol 35, 169-181.
Hecht, A., I. Gertman, 2001:Physical Features of the Eastern Mediterranean resulting from the integration of POEM data with Russian Mediterranean Cruises. Deep Sea Research. Part I, Vol 48/8, pp 1847-1876.
Gertman I., I. Ovchinnicov, Y. Popov, 1994:Deep Convection in the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Oceanology, 34, No 1, pp 25-31. (Russian)
Gertman I., Golubeva Z., 1988: Simulation of the reaction of the thermohaline structure of the water in Black Sea on the alternative tendencies of the river flows. Research Journal of the State Institute of Oceanography, 189, 54-65. (Russian)

Group(s): IODE , IODE National Coordinator for Oceanographic Data Management
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