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Details of Mr. Athanasios Evagelopoulos   


Gender male
Job title Post Doc Researcher
Department Department of Marine Sciences
University of Aegean, Lesvos (
University Hill Administration Bldg GR-810 00 Mytilini Lesvos
Tel +30 22510 36837
Fax +30 22510 36837
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Degree PhD in Marine Ecology
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Marine phytoplankton systematics and ecology Transitional waters ecology Solar saltworks ecology Marine biodiversity Community ecology
Research Region 83, 2, 3
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Athanasios EVAGELOPOULOS)

Sangiorgio F., Basset A., Pinna M., Sabetta L., Abbiati M., Ponti M., Minocci M., Orfanidis S., Nicolaidou A., Moncheva S., Trayanova A., Georgescu L., Dragan S., Beqiraj S., Koutsoubas D., Evagelopoulos A., Reizopoulou S. [2007] Ecosystem processes: litter breakdown patterns in Mediterranean and Black Sea transitional waters. Transitional Waters Bulletin, 3, 51-55.
Evagelopoulos A., Spyrakos E. and Koutsoubas D. [2007] The biological system of the lower salinity ponds in Kalloni saltworks (Lesvos island, NE Aegean Sea, Greece): Phytoplankton and macrobenthic invertebrates. Transitional Waters Bulletin, 3, 23-25.
Evagelopoulos A. and Koutsoubas D. [2007] Community structure and dynamics of the molluscan macrofauna at the marine-lagoonal environmental transition in the Kalloni solar saltworks (Lesvos Island, NE Aegean Sea, Greece). Journal of Natural History (in press).
Evagelopoulos A., Koutsoubas D., Basset A., Pinna M., Dimitriadis C., Sangiorgio F., Barbone E., Maidanou M., Koulouri P. and Dounas C. [2007] Spatial and seasonal variability of the macrobenthic invertebrate fauna in Mediterranean solar saltworks ecosystems. Aquatic Conservation: Marine & Freshwater Ecosystems (in press).
Evagelopoulos, A. [2002]. Taxonomic notes on Protoperidinium (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae) species in the Thermaikos Bay (North Aegean Sea, Greece). Mediterranean Marine Science, 3 (2), 41-54.
Evagelopoulos, A. and Nikolaidis, G. [1996]. Morphology of Protoperidinium compressum (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae) in the North Aegean Sea, Greece. Nova Hedwigia, 63 (3-4), 301-307.

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