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Details of Dr Pedro Manuel Monteiro   


Gender male
Job title Head: Ocean Systems and Climate
Department NRE
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Stellenbosch Jan Cilliers St 320
Western Cape
South Africa
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel [27] (21) 8882437
Fax {27](21) 8882693
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Website http://www.csir.co.za
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Degree PhD
Job type Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography , Chemical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities Dr. Pedro M Scheel Monteiro is a marine biogeochemistry and oceanography specialist with an interest in the use of models to enhance understanding on the nature of process linkages at the system scale. The special scientific interest is on the importance of scale issues in understanding and forecasting the impacts of remotely sourced drivers on responses in ocean ecosystems. This applies to linking large scale transboundary coastal upwelling systems that are driven by remotely modulated (equatorial or polar) oceanic drivers as well as river basin – coastal systems. The goal is to support understanding of how ecosystems will be modified by global change drivers. The focus of completed research over the past 7 years has been on developing an ecosystem or system scale approach to understanding and, where appropriate predicting, variability in coastal systems physical and biogeochemical characteristics arising from both natural and human drivers. These have included hypoxia variability in the Benguela upwelling system, the link between coastal ecosystem production, fisheries yields and scales of river inputs along the tropical east African coast as well as a number of applied science projects that transferred the benefits of the scientific work into social impact. Much of this work has been undertaken by developing and using numerical models as a basis to holding the required complexity of scales and processes within these large domains. Questions of scale are a strong character of my thinking mainly because they are the key to understanding linkages in large ecosystems in the context of global and climate change.
Research Region South East Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean
Skills/Expertise Biogeochemical Oceanography: (Natural and Anthropogenic) - Low Oxygen Water variability driven by the coupling of remotely forced and locally generated signals. - Impacts of land derived organic or nutrient inputs on the marine environment. - Modelling the biophysical processes which start and maintain phytoplankton new production in upwelling systems - Modelling of nutrient cycling and oxygen / CO2 dynamics, particularly in upwelling systems. - Modelling the dynamics of Harmful Algal Blooms - Tropical mangrove biogeochemistry and production fluxes Global Climate Change: - Regional scale carbon flux modelling. - Carbon source and sink characteristics - Monitoring long term change in coastal marine systems
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Pedro MONTEIRO)

Monteiro, P.M.S. [2008] Carbon Fluxes in the Benguela Upwelling System In: Liu, K.-K., Atkinson, L., Quiñones, R. and Talaue-McManus, L. (Eds.), Carbon and Nutrient Fluxes in Continental Margins: A Global Synthesis. Springer, Berlin (Accepted)
van der Plas, Monteiro, P.M.S. and Pascall, A. [2007] Cross-shelf biogeochemical characteristics of sediments in the central Benguela and their relationship to overlying water column hypoxia. African Journal of Marine Science. 29(1): 37 - 47
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Monteiro, P.M.S. and Roychoudhury, A. [2005] Spatial Distribution of Trace Metals in an Eastern Boundary Upwelling Retention Area (St. Helena Bay, South Africa): A Hydrodynamic-Biological Forcing Hypothesis. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 65: 123 - 134
Monteiro, P.M.S., Nelson, G., van der Plas, A., Mabille, E., Bailey G.W., Klingelhoeffer E., [2005]. Internal tide - shelf topography interactions as a potential forcing factor governing the large scale sedimentation and burial fluxes of particulate organic matter (POM) in the Benguela upwelling system. Continental Shelf Research 25: 1864 - 1876
Probyn TA, Pitcher, G, Monteiro PMS, Boyd AJ and Nelson G [2000] Physical processes contributing to harmful algal blooms in Saldanha Bay, South Africa. South African Journal of Marine Science, 22, 285-298
Lutjeharms, J. R. E., Monteiro, P. M. S., Tyson, P. D. and Obura, D. [2000], The Oceans around Southern Africa and Regional Effects of Global Change: START Regional Synthesis. South African Journal of Science, 97 (3/4): 119 - 130
Monteiro, PMS and Largier, JL [1999] Thermal stratification in Saldanha Bay, South Africa, and sub-tidal, density driven exchange with coastal waters of the Benguela upwelling system. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 49, 877-890
Monteiro PMS, Spolander B, Brundrit GB and Nelson G [1998] Shellfish mariculture in the upwelling systems: Estimates of nitrogen driven new production using two physical models. Journal of Shellfish Research, 17, 3-13
Monteiro PMS, Anderson RJ & Woodbourne S [1997] Coastal Eutrophication: d15N as a tool to quantify the relative magnitudes of natural and fish waste derived nitrogen to an Ulva bloom. South African Journal of Marine Science, 18,1-9

Group(s): IOC , Ocean Sciences
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