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Details of Dr. Ali Harzallah HARZALLAH   


Gender male
Job title Research in Oceanography and Climate
Department Laboratoire du milieu marin
Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer, Salambo 28, rue 2 Mars 1934
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Tunisia
Tel +216 1 730 420
Fax +216 1 732 622
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Degree Ph.D.
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Physical Oceanography , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities - Ocean numerical modelling. - Lagoon numerical modelling including sediment dynamics and ecological modelling. - Ocean-atmosphere interaction studies.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Ali HARZALLAH)

Harzallah, A. and R. Sadourny (1997) Observed lead-lag relationships between the Indian summer monsoon and some meteorological variables. In press in Climate Dynamics.
Harzallah, H. and R. Sadourny (1995) Internal versus SST-forced atmospheric variability as simulated by an atmospheric general circulation model. J. Climate, 8: 474-495.
Harzallah, A., D.L. Cadet and M. Crépon (1993) Possible forcing effects of net evaporation, atmospheric pressure and transients on water transport in the Mediterranean sea. J. Geophys. Res. 98, 12: 341-350.

Group(s): JCOMM , JCOMM Members (WMO Publication No.5)
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