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Details of Prof. Christopher Charles Edward Hopkins   


Gender male
Job title Professor & Founder
Department Marine Policy & Management
AquaMarine Advisers ( AMA)
Granvagen 20 Astorp S-265 32
AquaMarine Advisers Granvagen 20
S-265 32
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Sea of Marmara
Nationality United Kingdom
Tel +46 70 2278509
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Website https://se.linkedin.com/pub/chris-hopkins/21/b7b/69b
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Degree Ph.D., B.Sc.
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Natural Resource Management
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Marine policy, living marine resources - especially fisheries - and environmental issues related to impacts of human activities. More than 100 publications in journals, books, and policy and administrative reports. Publications encompass finfish, shellfish, plankton, alien (non-indigenous) organisms, and structure and function of marine ecosystems. Focus on a) population dynamics, productivity, and ecological interactions in coastal and open-sea waters, integrated ecosystem assessment and monitoring, b) the organization and functioning of national and international organizations, and addressing sustainability issues (e.g. development of ecosystem approach for science and management).
Research Region 25, 86, 18, 36, 72
Working languages English, Norwegian, Swedish, French
    - Good track record as a marine scientist & research administrator.
    - Setting goals & measuring achievements.
    - Building credibility & rapport.
    - Making quality decisions through consultation.
    - Briefing others on work & situations & delegating so things get done.
    - Leading productive meetings & participating actively in them.
    - Mediating & resolving conflicts.
    - Being cooperative, resourceful, creative & motivating others.
    - Soliciting usable advice & feedback.
    - Communicating clearly, including speaking before a group with clarity & confidence.
    - Writing clearly, concisely & effectively.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Christopher HOPKINS)

Hegland, T.J. & Hopkins, C.C.E. 2014. Towards a new fisheries effort management system for the Faroe Islands? - Controversies around the meaning of fishing sustainability. Maritime Studies 2014, 13:12 doi:10.1186/s40152-014-0012-7
Hopkins, C.C.E., 2011. International agreements and Baltic Sea environmental management. In Climate impacts on the Baltic Sea - From science to policy. Ed. by M. Reckermann, B.M. MacKenzie, K. Brander and A. Omstedt. GKSS School on Environmental Research. Springer, Berlin.
Hammer, C., von Dorrien, C., Hopkins, C.C E., Köster, F.W., Nilssen, E.M., St John, M., and Wilson, D.C. 2010. Framework of stock-recovery strategies: analyses of factors affecting success and failure. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 67: 1849-1855.
Hopkins C.C.E., J. Thulin, J.G. Sutinen, K. Kononen, P. Snoeijs, S. Johansson & H.-O. Nalbach 2007. BONUS-169 Baltic Sea Science Plan and Implementation Strategy. BONUS Publication No. 5.
Grenfelt P., K.E. Brofors, C.C.E. Hopkins, E. Selin Lindgren & P. Snoeijs 2006. Evaluation of the Centre for Environment and Collaboration in Polar Regions and the Barents Region (Polar Environmental Centre). Report by the Evaluation Committee. ISBN 82-12-022258-7. The Research Council of Norway. 98 pp.
Hopkins C.C.E. 2005. Introduced Marine Organisms: Workshop on Risks and Management Measures, Trondheim, Norway, 10-11 May 2004. Norwegian Directorate of Nature Management. Research Report DN 2005-1. 51 pp.
Hopkins C.C.E. 2005. The Concept of Ecosystem Health and Association with the Ecosystem Ap-proach to Management and Other Initiatives. ICES/BSRP/HELCOM UNEP Regional Seas Workshop on Baltic Sea Ecosystem Health Indica-tors. Sopot, Poland. 14 pp.
Hopkins C.C.E. 2004. Biodiversity assessment & threats analysis for the WWF Global 200 Ecoregion 'North-East Atlantic Shelf'. WWF Germany, Frankfurt am Main. 108 pp.
HOPKINS C.C.E. 2002. Introduced Marine Organisms in Norwegian Waters, including Svalbard. In: Leppäkoski E., S. Gollasch & S. Olenin (Eds) Invasive Aquatic Species of Europe - Distribution, Impact and Management. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
North Sea Secretariat 2002 . Progress Report. 5th International Conference on the Protection of the North Sea. Bergen, Norway. 20-21 March 2002. Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. ISBN -82-457-0353-2. (HOPKINS author/co-author of Chapter 2 The North Sea Environment, Chapter 3 The Protection of Species & Habitats in Coastal Waters, Chapter 4 Fisheries)
HOPKINS, C.C.E., J. Thulin & E. Hoell 2001. A paradigm involving transformation of the Baltic Sea ecosystem and fisheries regimes related to eutrophication, and options for mitigation to redress the root causes. ICES CM 2001/U:04.
Degnbol, P., C.C.E. HOPKINS, U. Lohmeyer & H. von Westernhagen 2001. The BENEFIT (Benguela Environment Fisheries Interaction and Training) Programme: Report of the Evaluation Panel. Report to NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Coordination) and GTZ (German Agency for Technical Cooperation). 63 pp.
HOPKINS C.C.E. 2001. Actual and potential effects of introduced marine organisms in Norwegian waters, including Svalbard. Report to the Norwegian Directorate of Nature Management. Research Report DN 2001-1 (ISSN 0804-1504/ISBN 82-7072-464-5). 53 pp. AquaMarine Advisers. 51 pp.
HOPKINS C.C.E. 2000. Towards ecological quality objectives in the North Sea: A review involving fisheries, benthic communities and habitats, and threatened or declining species. Report to the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. AquaMarine Advisers. 58 pp.
HOPKINS C.C.E. 2000. A review of introductions and transfers of alien marine species in the North Sea area. Report to the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. AquaMarine Advisers. 74 pp.
Anon. 2000. Report of the Study Group on Ecosystem Assessment and Monitoring. ICES Doc. C.M. 2000/E:09. 38 pp. (HOPKINS member & co-author).
HOPKINS C.C.E. 2000. Overview of monitoring in the Baltic Sea. Report to the Global Environment Facility/Baltic Sea Regional Project. AquaMarine Advisers. 39 pp.
HOPKINS C.C.E. 1999. The Integration of Fisheries and Environmental Issues: Evolution of the Ecosystem Approach. Pp. 161-169 In. Schei P.J., O.T. Sandlund & R. Strand (Eds) Proceedings of the Norway/UN Conference on the Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity. September 1999. Trondheim, Norway. ISBN 82-426-1093-2, Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management and Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.

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