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Details of  Phil Smith   


Gender male
Job title Director
Aquatonics Ltd (
Glenthorne Searle Street Crediton EX17 2DB
EX17 2DB
Regions Sea of Azov
Bristol Channel
Nationality United Kingdom
Tel + 44 / 1363 / 776456
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Website http://www.aquatonics.com/
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Degree Doctoral (PhD, ScD)
Job type Research , Natural Resource Management , Decision Making & Policy , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Pollution , Limnology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Pollution , Limnology
Research Activities Aquatic ecologist, mainly working for government, industry and environmental consultancies. Ecological surveys and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) of fresh, estuarine and marine waters. Sectors include transport, energy, sewage, oil and gas, housing and leisure, chemical industry and fish farms. Worked in Oman, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Bermuda, Ireland and throughout the UK, including the North Sea and English Channel. Benthic surveys, dive surveys, ROV and video, trawling surveys etc.
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Freshwater ecology Estuarine ecology Marine ecology Impacts of developments on aquatic resources Oil spills Contingency planning EIAs Forensic analysis of marine life on bones etc Forensic assessment of fish kills and water pollution incidents
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Phil SMITH)

Pinder, AM, Sweeney, P and Smith, PRJ (2013). First confirmed record of the genus Insulodrilus (Benham, 1903) (Annelida: Clitellata: Phreodrilidae) in Europe. BioInvasion Records, open access journal.
Smith, P, Smith, A and Rabineau, J (2012). The Hayle estuary complex - detecting modern anthropogenic disturbance in a highly polluted and physically amended estuarine system. Oral presentation at the 50th ECSA Conference, Venice, June 2012.
Smith, P and Nunny, R (2012). Mapping of sedimentary marine biotopes around Lundy, UK. Journal of the Lundy Field Society, 3, 41-74.
Smith, P and Barber T (2011). Geophilus seurati from a core sample in muddy sand in the Hayle estuary, Cornwall. Bulletin of the British Myriapod and Isopod Group. Volume 25, p51.
Smith, P, Snook, D, Muscutt, A and Smith, A (2010). Effects of a diesel spill on freshwater macroinvertebrates in two urban watercourses, Wiltshire, UK. Water and Environment Journal. 24(4): 249-260.
Townsend, M; Worsfold, TM; Smith, PRJ; Martina, LJ; McNeill, CL and Kendall, MA (2006). Occurrence of Sternaspis scutata (Polychaeta: Sternaspidae) in the English Channel. Cahiers de Biologie Marine, Volume 47, 281-285.
Smith, P R J, Perrett, J, Garwood, P and Moore, G (1999). Two additions to the UK marine fauna: Desdemona ornata Banse, 1957 (Polychaeta, Sabellidae) and Grandidierella japonica Stephensen, 1938 (Amphipoda, Gammaridea). Newsletter of the Porcupine Natural History Society, p 8-11, Number 2, July 1999.
Smith, P R J (1998). Environmental Impacts of Offshore Oil and Gas. Plenary Lecture at a meeting on Marine Pollution held at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 26-27 April 1998.
Smith, P R J (1996). Environmental standards in multinational companies. Chemistry in Britain, February 1996.
Smith, P R J (1995). Exploration for hydrocarbons in Lyme Bay. Presentation to ProGeo 95 Conference 'Environmental Assessment - the Role of the Geologist'. 7 July 1995.
Jones, N V and Smith, P R J (1986). Temporal changes in heavy metals and other parameters of intertidal sediments at a site in the Humber estuary (UK). Water Science Technology, Vol 18, 324.
Smith, P R J and Jones, N V (1983). Routine biological monitoring of estuarine intertidal sites. Society for Experimental Biology conference, University of Hull.
Smith, P R J (1982). Biological monitoring of estuarine discharges. Third International Environment and Safety Conference, London.
Smith, P R J (1982). Environmental Effects of Discharges to the Littoral Zone of the Humber Estuary. PhD Thesis, Department of Zoology, University of Hull.

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