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Details of Dr. Evangelia Michaloudi   


Gender female
Job title Assistant professor
Department Faculty of Sciences, School of Biology, Department of Zoology, Laboratory of Ich
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ( A.U.Th.)
School of Biology, Section of Zoology, Laboratory of Ichthyology 134 Thessaloniki 54006
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Biology, Section of Zoology, Laboratory of Ichthyology 134
Tel +3031 998334
Fax +3031 998279
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Website http://www.bio.auth.gr/content/prosopiko-tomea-zoologias?q=user/51, http://ichthyology.bio.auth.gr/index.php?q=michaloudi
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Degree Ph.D in Freshwater Zooplankton
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Limnology , Limnology
Research Activities Systematics, biology of freshwater zooplankton. Relationships of zooplankton with physicochemical parameters, phytoplankton and fish
Research Region 2, 3
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Evangelia MICHALOUDI)

KATSIAPI M., MOUSTAKA-GOUNI M., MICHALOUDI E. & KORMAS K. (2011). Effects of flushing on phytoplankton and water quality in a Mediterranean drinking-water reservoir (Marathonas Reservoir, Greece). Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
MAZARIS A., MOUSTAKA-GOUNI M., MICHALOUDI E. & BOBORI D. (2010). Drivers of freshwater micro- and macroorganisms distributional patterns across similar spatial scales. Journal of Biogeography
╬ťICHALOUDI E., MOUSTAKA-GOUNI M., GKELIS S. & PANTELIDAKIS K. 2009. Plankton community structure during an Ecosystem Disruptive Algal Bloom of Prymnesium parvum. Journal of Plankton Research 31: 301-309
ntonopoulos A., Kagalou I., Michaloudi E., Leonardos I. 2008. Limnological features of a shallow eutrophic lake (Lake Pamvotis, Greece) with emphasis on zooplankton community structure. Oceanological and Hydrobiological studies 37: 1-14
MOUSTAKA-GOUNI M., MICHALOUDI E., Katsiapi M., Genitsaris S. 2007. The coincidence of an Arthrospira-Anabaenopsis bloom and the mass mortality of birds in Lake Koronia. Harmful Algae News 35: 6-7
MOUSTAKA-GOUNI M., VARDAKA E., MICHALOUDI E., KORMAS K., TRYFON E., MIHALATOU H., GKELIS S. & LANARAS T. 2006. Plankton food web structure in a eutrophic lake with a history of toxic cyanobacterial blooms. Limnology and Oceanography 51: 715-727
MICHALOUDI E. 2005. Dry weights of the zooplankton of Lake Mikri Prespa (Macedonia, Greece). Belgian Journal of Zoology: 134: 87-92
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KEHAYIAS G., MICHALOUDI E. & Bexi A. 2004. Aspects on the seasonal dynamics and the vertical distribution of the crustacean zooplankton community and the Dreissena polymorpha larvae in Lake Trichonis. Mediterranean marine Science 5: 19-27
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Zarfdjian, M-E., Micahloudi, E., Bobori, D.C. and Mourelatos, S. [in press] Zooplankton abundance in the Aliakmon river, Greece Belgian Journal of Zoology

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