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Details of Dr. Robert Jeremiah Kayanda   


Gender male
Job title Centre Director-Mwanza
Department RESEARCH
Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute Dar es Salaam Centre P.O. Box 9750
Dar Es Salaam
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel +255784338017
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Degree PhD Fisheries Acoustic, Ecology and Management
Job type Natural Resource Management
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture
Research Activities Conduct acoustic surveys for biomass estimation Fisheries ecology and management Monitor oceanographic variables Manage AMESD receiving station for marine satellite real time data capture and processing
Research Region Lake Victoria and its catchment area, South-West Indian Ocean
Skills/Expertise Fisheries acoustics Physical and biological oceanography GIS and remote sensing
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Robert KAYANDA)

Ngupula, G. W., Kayanda, R. J, and Mashafi, C. A. Abundance, distribution, and composition of solid wastes on the floor of Lake Victoria, Tanzanian waters. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 39: 229-232. Taabu-Munyaho Anthony, Chrisphine Nyamweya, Lewis Sitoki, Robert Kayanda, Inigo Everson, and Gudrún Marteinsdóttir. 2014. Spatial and temporal variation in the distribution and density of pelagic fish species in Lake Victoria, (East Africa). Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 17: 52-61. Njiru, M., Martin van Knaap, M., Taabu-Munyaho, A., Nyamweya, C., Kayanda, R. J, Marshall, B. 2014. Management of Lake Victoria fishery: Are we looking for easy solutions? Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 17: 70-79. Taabu-Munyaho, A, Kayanda, R. J., Everson, I., Grabowski, T. B., and Marteinsdóttir, G. 2013. Distribution and exploitation of Nile perch Lates niloticus in relation to stratification in Lake Victoria, East Africa. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 39: 466-475. Everson, I., Kayanda, R. J., and Taabu-Munyaho, A. 2013. Comparing echosounder efficiency using field observations. Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management, 18: 167-177. Everson, I., Taabu-Munyaho, A and Kayanda, R. 2013. Acoustic estimates of commercial fish species in Lake Victoria; moving towards ecosystem based fisheries management. Fisheries Research, 139: 65-75. Kayanda, R., Everson, I., Munyaho, T and Mgaya, Y. 2012. Target strength measurement of Nile perch (Lates niloticus: Linnaeus, 1758) in Lake Victoria, East Africa. Fisheries Research, 113: 76-83 Ngupula, G and Kayanda, R. 2010. Benthic macrofauna community composition, abundance and distribution in the Tanzanian and Ugandan inshore and offshore waters of Lake Victoria. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 35: 185-192.
Kayanda, R., Munyaho, T., Tumwebaze, R., Muhoozi, L, Jembe, J., Mlaponi, E and Nzungi, P. 2009. Status of the Major Commercial Fish Stocks and Proposed Species-specific Management Plans for Lake Victoria. African Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries, 12: 15-21
No publications

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