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Details of  Chris C. Tanner   


Gender male
Job title Scientist -Project Leader
Department National Centre for Freshwaters and Estuaries
National Institute of Marine & Freshwater Research, Hamilton ( NIWA Hamilton)
Gate 10 Silverdale Road Hillcrest PO Box 11115 Hamilton 3216
National Institute of Marine & Freshwater Research, Hamilton Gate 10 Silverdale Road Hillcrest PO Box 11115
New Zealand
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel [64](7)8561792
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Website http://www.niwa.cri.nz
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Degree Doctoral (PhD, ScD)
Job type Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Pollution , Limnology , Pollution , Limnology
Research Activities 30 years research experience in aquatic and wetland plant ecology and management, and the creation of wetlands for wastewater and drainage treatment and environmental enhancement.  Leads national research programs on ecotechnologies for treatment of sewage and agricultural diffuse pollution; funded through the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Key areas of interest include: treatment performance, nitrogen removal processes and modelling, role of wetland plants in treatment processes, ecological engineering.  Key participant in national research programs on the ecology and management of natural wetlands. Assessment of constructed wetland technologies in New Zealand, including treatment performance and practical problems associated with design, construction and operation.  Development of national design guidelines for wetland treatment systems for wastewaters, stormwaters and diffuse pollution.  Sanitation using natural systems with indigenous commuities in Fiji and New Zealand
Working languages English
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Chris TANNER)

Headley, T.R.; Tanner, C.C. (2011) Innovations in stormwater treatment using constructed wetlands with floating emergent macrophytes. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology (in press).
Tanner, C.C.; Headley, T.R. (2011). Components of floating emergent macrophyte treatment wetlands influencing removal of stormwater pollutants. Ecological Engineering. 37: 474-486.
Tanner, C.C.; Sukias, J.P.S. (2011). Multi-year nutrient removal performance of three constructed wetlands intercepting drainage flows from grazed pastures. Journal of Environmental Quality 40: 620-633
Tanner, C.C.; Nguyen, M.L.; Sukias, J.P.S. (2005). Nutrient removal by a constructed wetland treating subsurface drainage from grazed dairy pasture. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 105: 145-162
Kadlec, R.H.; Tanner, C.C; Hally, V.M.; Gibbs M.M. (2005). Nitrogen spiraling in subsurface-flow constructed wetlands –implications for treatment response. Ecological Engineering 25:365-381.
Tanner, C.C.; Sukias, J.P.S. (2003). Linking pond and wetland treatment: performance of domestic and farm systems in New Zealand. Water Science and Technology 48(2): 331–339.
Sorrell, B.K.; Tanner C.C.; Sukias, J.P.S. (2002). Effects of water depth and substrate type on growth and morphology of Eleocharis sphacelata: Implications for culm support and internal gas transport. Aquatic Botany 23: 93-106
Champion P.D.; Tanner, C.C. (2001). Seasonality of aquatic macrophytes and interaction with flow in a New Zealand lowland stream. Hydrobiologia 441: 1
Tanner, C.C.; D'Eugenio, J.; McBride, G.B.; Sukias, J.P.S.; Thompson, K. (1999). Effect of water level fluctuation on nitrogen removal from constructed wetland mesocosms. Ecological Engineering 12: 67-92.
Tanner, C.C.; Sukias, J.P.S.; Upsdell, M.P. (1998). Relationships between loading rates and pollutant removal during maturation of gravel-bed constructed wetlands. Journal of Environmental Quality 27: 448-458.
Tanner, C.C.; Clayton, J.S.; Upsdell, M.P. (1995b). Effect of loading rate and planting on treatment of dairy farm wastewaters in constructed wetlands. II. Removal of nitrogen and Phosphorus. Water Research 29: 27-34.
Tanner, C.C.; Clayton, J.S.; Coffey, B.T. (1990). Submerged vegetation changes in Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton, New Zealand) related to herbicide treatment and invasion by Egeria densa Planchon. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 24: 45-57.
Sukias, J.P.S.; Tanner C.C.; Davies-Colley, R.J.; Nagels, J.W.; Wolters, R. (submitted). Algal abundance, organic matter and physico-chemical characteristics of dairy farm facultative ponds: Implications for treatment performance. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research.

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