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Details of Prof. RAHUL KUNDU   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Department of Biosciences
Saurashtra University Department of Biosciences Saurashtra University University Campus
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Tel +91 281 586419 / +91 281 582124
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Website http://www.saurashtrauniversity.edu, http://sites.google.com/a/sauuni.ernet.in/dr-rahul-kundu/
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Degree Ph.D. in Zoology M.Sc. in Experimental Biology (Marine Biology) M.Sc. with Zoology, Botany and Physiology
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Active research and consultancy service to Industries on Marine Biology & Coastal Macrofaunal Ecology, Coastal EIA & Monitoring, POP (PCB, TBT and Dioxin) Toxicology, Muscle Growth & Development, Muscle Stem Cell.

Marine Ecology, Molecular Phylogeny, Evolutionary Ecology
Research Region Gulf of Kutch (India), Coastal India
Skills/Expertise Research expertise available in the following research fields for Research and Consultancy services for the Industries 1. Coastal Biodiversity & Marine Ecology : Diversity and distribution of Intertidal Assemblages, Spatio-temporal variations in the population ecology of the intertidal macrofauna. Anthropogenic pressure & Eco-tourism in the coastal regions. 2. EIA & Environmental Monitoring : EIA & Environmental Monitoring of the coastal industrial sites for the Large and medium scale Industries. 3. Ecotoxicology : Toxicity of POPs (TBT, PCB) and DIOXINS (TCDD) and their removal in chick and mice. 4. Molecular Phylogeny and Evolutionary Ecology of Intertidal Invertebrates
Comments Working on Diversity, Distribution and community ecology of intertidal marcofauna. Also working on the Molecular phylogenetic studies on intertidal macrofauna with special emphasis on the cryptic species.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Rahul KUNDU)

1. Faladu, J, Vakani, B., Poriya, P. and Kundu, R. (2014). Habitat preference and population ecology of limpets Cellana karachiensis (Winckworth) and Siphonaria siphonaria (Sowerby) at Veraval coast of Kathiawar Peninsula, India. J. Ecosystem. Volume 2014, Article ID 874013, 6 pages DOI: 10.1155/2014/874013 2. Sneha Joseph, Poriya, P., Vakani,B., Singh, S.P. and Kundu, R. (2014). Identification of a group of cryptic marine limpet species, Cellana karachiensis (Mollusca: Patellogastropoda) off Veraval coast, India, using mtDNA COI sequencing. Mitochondrial DNA. Early Online, August 11, 2014. DOI:10.3109/19401736.2014.945577. ISSN: 1940-1736 (print), 1940-1744 (electronic) 3. Poriya P. and Kundu, R. (2014). Species invasion and succession as community and Ecosystem responses towards climate change in the Rocky intertidal ecosystems of Kathiawar peninsula. Journal of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, 2: 426-430. 4. Vakani, B., Poriya, P. & Kundu, R., (2015). Spatio-temporal variations in the population ecology of two limpets in a rocky intertidal shore of South Saurashtra coast (Gujarat: India). The Ecoscan. 8(1&2) : 71-75. 5. Paresh Poriya, Bhavik Vakani, Bhavendra Chaudhari, Pradip Kachhiya and Rahul Kundu (2015). Diversity and first record of heterobranch gastropods (Opisthobranchs) from the Saurashtra coast of Kathiawar Peninsula, India. Marine Biodiversity Records, Vol. 8; e82; 2015 Published online. 6. Sneha Joseph, Poriya, P., Vakani, B., and Kundu, R. (2014). Probing the phylogenetic relationships of a few newly recorded intertidal zoanthids of Gujarat coast (India) with mtDNA COI sequences. Mitochondrial DNA. Early Online, October, 2014. DOI: 10.3109/19401736.2014.971239. ISSN: 1940-1736 (print), 1940-1744 (electronic) 7. Paresh Poriya, Bhavik Vakani and Rahul Kundu (2015). New record of live coral species colonizing intertidal zones along South Saurashtra Coastline. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society. Bombay, (in press). 8. Raval J.V., Kachhiya P., Poriya P. and Kundu R. (2015). Population ecology of intertidal hermit crab Diogenes avarus (Decapoda: Anomura) from a muddy coast of western India. Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 6(1): 143-146. 9. Pathak,S., Solanki, H., Renuka A. and Kundu, R. (2015). Levels of organochlorinated pesticide residues in vegetables. Int. J. Vegetable Sci., (in press)

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