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Details of Dr. Terje van der Meeren   


Gender male
Job title Senior Research Scientist
Department Austevoll Research Station
Institute of Marine Research, Bergen ( IMR)
Nordnesgaten 33 Postboks 1870 Nordnes Bergen 5817
Austevoll Research Station
Tel +47 46956792
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Website http://www.imr.no/, http://www.imr.no/om_hi/forskere/view_scientists?cid=6&pid=1225
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Terje VAN DER MEEREN)

JØRSTAD, K.E., OTTERÅ, H., VAN DER MEEREN, T., DAHLE G., PAULSEN, BAKKE, G., & SVÅSAND, T. (2014). Genetic marking of farmed atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) and detection of escapes from a commercial cod farm. ICES Journal of Marine Science 71: 574-584. doi:10.1093/icesjms/fst171
VAN DER MEEREN, T., DAHLE, G. & PAULSEN, O.I. (2013). A rare observation of Atlantic halibut larvae (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) in Skjerstadfjorden, North Norway. Marine Biodiversity Records, 6, e75 (4 pages) doi:10.1017/S1755267213000511.
VAN DER MEEREN, T., BRUNVOLD, L., SANDAA, R.-E., BERGH, Ø., CASTBERG, T., THYRHAUG, R., & MANGOR-JENSEN, A. (2011). Water quality and microbial community structure in juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) cultures. Aquaculture 316: 111-120.
PENGLASE, S., NORDGREEN, A., VAN DER MEEREN, T., OLSVIK, P.A., SÆLE, Ø., SWEETMAN, J.W., BAEVERFJORD, G., HELLAND, S. & HAMRE, K. (2010). Increasing the level of selenium in rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis 'Cayman') enhances the mRNA expression and activity of glutathione peroxidase in cod (Gadus morhua L.) larvae. Aquaculture 306: 259-269.
VAN DER MEEREN, G.I., TLUSTY, M.F., METZLER, A., & VAN DER MEEREN, T. (2009). Effects of dietary DHA and EPA on neurogenesis, growth, and survival of juvenile American lobsters, Homarus americanus. New Zealand Journal of Freshwater and Marine Biology, 43: 225-232.
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CHRISTOPHERSEN, G., TORKILDSEN, L., & VAN DER MEEREN, T., 2006, Effect of increased water recirculation rate on algal supply and post-larval performance of scallop (Pecten maximus) reared in a partial open and continuous feeding system. Aquacultural Engineering 35: 275-282.
MOREN, M., OPSTAD, I., VAN DER MEEREN, T. & HAMRE, K., 2006, Iodine enrichment of Artemia and enhanced levels of iodine in Atlantic halibut larvae (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) fed the enriched Artemia. Aquaculture Nutrition 12: 97-102.
VAN DER MEEREN, T. & IVANNIKOV, V.P., 2006, Seasonal shift in spawning of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) by photoperiod manipulation: egg quality in relation to temperature and intensive larval rearing. Aquaculture Research 37: 898-913.
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VAN DER MEEREN, T. & LØNØY, T. , 1998, Use of mesocosms in larval rearing of saite [Pollachius virens (L.) ], goldsinny [Ctenolabrus rupestris (L.) ], and corkwing [Crenilabrus melops (L.)]. Aquacultural Engineering 17: 253-260.
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