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Gender male
Job title Director
Bruce Shallard and Associates (
P.O. Box 27 Wellington 6141
PO Box 27409 Wellington 6141
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Sea of Azov
Tel 00 64 21 389477
Fax 00 64 4 3893457
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Degree BA (Geography/Economics
Job type Natural Resource Management , Institutional Management , Decision Making & Policy , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Marine Biotechnology, Marine Products , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Marine Biotechnology, Marine Products , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities Bruce Shallard has 15 years experience with the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries and was one of the key people involved in introducing the concepts of a Quota Management System based on Individual Transferable Quotas in 1986. He held positions of Director of Operations and subsequently National Director Fisheries Services. He was responsible for developing and then managing the concepts of quota management in the practical situation of quotas applying to all the major species in New Zealand, and for its enforcement. In this period he also oversaw major enhancements of the scheme, particularly the move to proportional quota in 1990. He now provides specialist fisheries management advice within New Zealand and internationally in his fisheries management consultancy, Bruce Shallard and Associates in which he is currently providing services in the following areas of core expertise: · Theories and concepts of fisheries management by quotas or alternative methods. · Implementation advice and assistance for a Quota Management System (QMS). · Development of legislative authorities and fisheries management policies and practises, including administrative and computer systems for a QMS. · Development and implementation of monitoring and enforcement systems, including specialist technology development such as a VMS. Relevant Experience – Fisheries Management • October 2006 invited expert to international workshop on tuna management in San Diego USA • May 2006 contracted by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to review proposed investment and development in the Sri Lankan fishing sector • April to May 2006 undertook a valuation of fisheries quota for the Falkland Islands Government. • March 2006 shortlisted for VMS implementation project for Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. • January 2006 signed a contract for Phase 2 of a Biotechnology Sector Strategy for Qeshm Island in the Islamic Republic of Iran. • June 2005 engaged to develop a Biotechnology Sector Strategic Plan for Qeshm Island. Contract completed in December 2005. • May 2005 shortlisted to undertake a fish resource assessment survey for Qatar. • June 2004 contracted by Aotearoa Fisheries Management Ltd (AFL) in conjunction with Deloitte to value quota and ACE owned by AFL. • October 2001 to May 2003 completed an assessment of fish and marine resources of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) waters by acoustic survey supplemented by fishing operations to make available information on the abundance and distribution of fish and marine resources in the area and to estimate their potential yield. Bruce Shallard & Associates was the contractor, with involvement from Deloitte and NIWA to deliver an assessment of UAE fisheries resources for the Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency of Abu Dhabi. • World Bank Mission to Argentina to provide advice on the introduction of an ITQ system to resolve fisheries management problems under a QMS. • In August 2002 organised IIFET2002 conference held in Wellington, New Zealand. • In September 2002 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in conjunction with Bruce Shallard participated in a feasibility study on aquaculture expansion in the State of Punjab in India. The project was undertaken for the State Government of Punjab. • In November 2002 contracted to investigate feasibility of New Zealand Prawns to expand their New Zealand farming operation. • In January 2000 Bruce Shallard undertook a peer review of the proposed MSC certification of the West Australian rock lobster fishery, followed in January 2001 by peer review on the New Zealand hoki fishery for MSC certification. • During 1995 and 1996, contracts with the NZ Fishing Industry Board, on cost recovery policy, strategy and management; and the NZ Fishing Industry Association acting as Executive Director during a period of change. Relevant Experience – Organisational Redesign / Restructuring • October 2006 shortlisted for World Bank fisheries restructuring and development project in Yemen • From May to December 2005 undertook a contract with the Qeshm Free Area Authority (QFA) of the Republic of Iran to develop a fisheries sector strategic plan (fisheries management, aquaculture development, business development, marketing, and marine protected areas) for Qeshm Island. Contract completed in December 2005. This project forms the strategic basis for restructuring the QFA which is the subject of implementation projects that are currently being finalised • May 2004 contracted by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries and the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council to lead a review of aspects of the cost recovery scheme under which the Government costs of fisheries management are recovered from the fishing industry. • November 2003 contracted to undertake projects in South Africa, Namibia and Angola assessing applicability of revenue raising instruments to the fishing industries of those countries, and the development of a fisheries management monitoring and evaluation system to be developed for the major shared fisheries of the three countries. This involves extensive redesign of Government fisheries agency processes for the three countries. • Planning and implementation of a programme for the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries and Fishing Industry, to enable the commencement of the Fisheries Act 1996 from October 2001 to 2003. This entailed the development of policy, business processes and system design and build for all registry systems and processes, in an environment that devolved these functions form the Ministry to an Industry quota holder organisation. This was a major restructuring exercise involving a number of Government and fishing sector organisations. • March 2003, appointed in conjunction with Deloitte to provide consultancy services for the establishment of the National Fishing Corporation (NFC) for the Government of Fiji. The contract undertook a feasibility study to evaluate the NFC as a state commercial company in the field of fisheries, and recommended a broad framework for the establishment, restructuring and level of commercial operations of the NFC. • A contract sponsored by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Overseas Development Programme for the Papua New Guinea National Fisheries Authority (NFA) to develop over a three-year period, surveillance, licensing and monitoring systems that allow a modern quota based management system to be introduced. The NFA was remodelled as a delivery agency for Government fisheries management services in an efficient cost effective manner. • A contract with the World Bank to rewrite the Papua New Guinea Fisheries Act, and subsequent further contract to implement the new Fisheries Management Act. This legislative development supported the NFA remodelling. • From 1988-1995 as Director National Fisheries Services to plan and develop the strategies, business plan and processes for Fisheries Services and to contract and monitor their co-ordination, delivery and service performance against agreed standards. This was undertaken during a time of extensive organization wide restructuring.
Research Region 72, 84, 58
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr Bruce SHALLARD)

R. Quentin Grafton, Rögnvaldur Hannesson,Bruce Shallard,Daryl Sykes,Joe Terry. [2006] The Economics of Allocation in Tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) http://een.anu.edu.au/download_files/een0612.pdf
Shallard, B.D., Concepts and Practice of Individual Transferable Quotas for the Management of Fisheries - An Overview, 2nd World Fisheries Congress, 391-395, 1997. Shallard, B D, Comparative Approaches to Fisheries Management in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and the Future of the ITQ Property Rights Approach, Proceedings of The Ninth Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, 578-587, 1998

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