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Details of Dr. Joel E. Kostka   


Gender female
Job title Science (Marine Biology/Biochemistry Dept.)
Department Department of Oceanography
Florida State University, Department of Oceanography ( FSU)
117 N. Woodward Ave. P.O. Box 3064320 Tallahassee FL 32306-4320
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel [8] (850) 644-6703
Fax [8] (850) 644-2581
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Degree Ph.D., University of Delaware1993
Job type Research
Research Activities My research interests encompass the microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of marine and aquatic ecosystems. My laboratory group focuses on the microbial mediation of nutrient and contaminant cycles. The group specializes in studies of anaerobic microorganisms and processes occurring in soils and sediments, especially in wetlands. We use traditional culture methods to isolate and characterize microorganisms, and geochemical methods such as radiotracers are employed to track microbial activities in the field. We study a variety of environments from wetlands along barrier islands to hydrothermal vents and the terrestrial subsurface. In the saltmarsh, we are particularly interested in the interactions between microbes and higher organisms such as macrophyte plants and benthic invertebrates. Through close collaboration with molecular biologists, we place the structure of microbial populations together with their function.
Research Region 102

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