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Details of Dr. Jeffrey Chanton   


Gender male
Job title Chemical Oceanography
Department Department of Oceanography
Florida State University, Department of Oceanography ( FSU)
117 N. Woodward Ave. P.O. Box 3064320 Tallahassee FL 32306-4320
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel [8] (850) 644-6703
Fax [8] (850) 644-2581
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Degree Ph.D.,University of Hawaii
Job type Research
Research Activities My interests are focused on studying the chemical cycling of the major elements carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and iron in the coastal zone and in wetlands. My skill and experience involve the use of natural stable and radioactive isotopes in addition to artificial tracers. At present, I am interested in studying Biosphere/Atmosphere interactions such as the role of wetlands in supplying greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and interactions with carbon cycling. My interest include studies of stable isotopic fractionation caused by transport processes such as molecular diffusion, or the active transport of methane from sediments by plants. Dr. Burnett and I have recently gotten into chemical hydrology and have been looking at groundwater flux to coastal waters. We use both natural and artificial tracers to track this process.
Research Region The coastal zone around Florida State

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