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Details of Pr. George N. SOMERO   


Gender male
Job title Adjunct Professor of Biology (MBRD)
University of San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography ( UCSD SIO)
9500 Gilman Drive Mail Code 0214 La Jolla 92093
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel [8] (858) 534-2230
Fax [8] (858) 534-2230
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Degree B.A. Carleton Coll., Ph.D. Stanford U. Prof.
Research Activities 1. Biochemical adaptation mechanisms related to the capacities of marine organisms to cope with the physical (temperature and pressure) and chemical features of their environments: (a) temperature and pressure effects on enzyme structure and function, (b) influences of organic osmotic agents (urea, methylamines, amino acids) on proteins, (c) enzymatic determinants of metabolic rates in deep-sea animals, and (d) the heat shock response in marine animals, 2. Biochemical determinants of fish swimming capacities: (a) the scaling of enzymatic activity as a function of body size, (b) conditioning effects on enzymatic activities and swimming performance, and (c) correlations between feeding and locomotory habits and biochemical variables such as enzymatic activities.
Research Region 102

Group(s): HMS
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