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Details of Prof. Eric J. WOLANSKI   


Gender male
Job title Adjunct Professor and Water Quality Scientist
Department TropWATER and SMTB
James Cook University, Townsville ( JCU)
1 James Cook Drive Douglas Townsville 4811
James Cook University, Townsville, Qld ATSIP Building James Cook Drive
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 61-7-47244776
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Website http://research.jcu.edu.au/research/tropwater/resources/professor-eric-wolanski, http://www.jcu.edu.au/mtb/staff/adjunct/JCUPRD_049773.html
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Degree Ph.D. Env. Eng. (Johns Hopkins)
Job type Research
Research Activities coral reef and mangrove oceanography mud (fine sediment) dynamics in tropical estuaries and coastal waters -dispersion and recruitment of coral eggs, fish larvae and prawn larvae in mangrove-fringed coastal waters and coral reef waters -dispersion/recruitment of the ornate spiny lobster in South East Asia -fate of heavy metals in muddy tropical waters -coral reef and mangrove ecosystem modelling -dredging and siltation in tropical coastal waters -oceanographic transport of macro- and micro-plastics in coastal waters -hydrodynamics and eutrophication in the Yangtze Estuary and the Bohai Strait
Research Region 71, 100, 84, 58, 95, 93, 94
Skills/Expertise Estuarine and coastal oceanography (tropical) modeling and field studies Coral reef and mangrove and tropical estuarine ecosystem modeling Estuarine ecohydrology modeling Oceanography of the South East Asia archipelago from Australia to Vietnam Oceanographic connectivity throughout Micronesia
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Eric WOLANSKI)

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