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Details of Dr. Alf Mattias Norkko   


Gender male
Job title Benthic Marine Ecologist
Department Department of Biological Oceanography
Finnish Environment Institute ( SYKE)
Mechelininkatu 34a P.O. Box 140 Helsinki FI-00251
Erik Palméns plats 1, Helsinki 00561
Tel 358-9-61394565
Fax 09 61394565
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Website http://www.fimr.fi
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Pollution , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Pollution
Research Activities Dispersal dynamics of benthic macrofauna, Biodeposition in dense bivalve beds and effects on benthic macrofauna, Predator-prey dynamics (fish, invertebrates) Recruitment and settling of bivalves, Sedimentation and estuarine ecology, Eutrophication and macroalgal mats, Linking habitat complexity to biodiversity Antarctic marine ecology Macomona liliana, Austrovenus stutchburyi, Macoma balthica, Plathichthys flesus, Pilayella littoralis,
Research Region 186
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Alf NORKKO)

Norkko, A., S.F. Thrush, J.E. Hewitt, J. Norkko, V.J. Cummings, J.I. Ellis, G.A. Funnell, D. Schultz and I. MacDonald (2002) Smothering of estuarine sandflats by terrigeneous clay: the role of wind-wave disturbance and bioturbation in site-dependent macrofaunal recovery. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 234: 23-42.
Hewitt, J.E, S.F. Thrush, P. Legendre, V.J. Cummings & A. Norkko (2002) Integrating heterogeneity across different scales: interactions between Atrina zelandica and benthic macrofauna ? Marine Ecology Progress Series, 239: 115?128.
Miller, D.C., A. Norkko, & C. A. Pilditch, 2002. Influence of diet on horse mussel Atrina zelandica biodeposit dispersal - Marine Ecology Progress Series, in press.
Ellis, J., J. Hewitt, S. Thrush, V. Cummings & A. Norkko (2002) Determining effects of suspended sediment on condition of a suspension feeding bivalve (Atrina zelandica): results of a survey, a laboratory experiment and a field transplant experiment. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 267 (2): 147-174.
Norkko, A., J.E. Hewitt, S.F. Thrush & G.A. Funnell (2001) Benthic-pelagic coupling and suspension feeding bivalves: linking site-specific sediment flux and biodeposition to benthic community structure. Limnology & Oceanography, 46: 2067-2072.
Norkko, A., Cummings, V.J, Thrush, S.F., Hewitt, J.E. and T. Hume (2001) Local dispersal of juvenile bivalves: implications for sandflat ecology. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 212: 131-144.
Thrush, S.F., J.E. Hewitt, G.A. Funnell, V.J. Cummings, J. Ellis, D. Schultz, D. Talley & A. Norkko (2001) Fishing disturbance and marine biodiversity: the role of habitat structure in simple soft-sediment systems. Marine Ecology Progress Series, in press
Ellis, J.I., Norkko, A. and Thrush, S.F. (2000)Broad-scale disturbance of intertidal and shallow sublittoral habitats: effects on benthic macrofauna. Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Recovery, 7(1): 57-74.
Norkko, J., Bonsdorff, E. and Norkko, A. (2000) Drifting algal mats as an alternative habitat for benthic invertebrates: species specific responses to a transient resource. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 221: 99-116.

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