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Details of Mr. James, III H. Wessel   


Gender male
Job title Scientist
Department EVA Physiology Laboratory
Johnson Space Center - NASA ( JSC)
NASA Rd. 1 Houston 77058
Johnson Space Center - NASA NASA Rd. 1
United States
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Sea of Azov
Tel Home 1-843-406-7996 / Work 1-843-762-5406
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Degree MSc, Marine Biology, Univ. of Charleston, SC BSc, Biology, Francis Marion College
Job type Research , Data Management , Operational Support (technical)
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Currently work in SCDNR-MRRI's Genetics lab, Responsible for specimen/sample cataloging, DNA isolation, RFLPs, gel electrophoresis, ultraviolet fluorescent photography. Primary species studied include Coryphaena hippurus, Pagrus pagrus, Paralichthys lethostimga, Limulus polyphemus, Secondary species include Epinephelus spp., Mycteroperca spp., Lutjanus spp., Harpadon spp. Other recent research includes a detailed description on the myctophidae of the Somali Current, Gulf of Aden, southern Red Sea, and Arabian Sea via the R/V Tyro cruises of 1991-1993(Master's Thesis). Additionally, I have a species description of a Sternoptychid, Polyipnus limatulus, and information on various midwater fish families, including the Stomiidae, Chauliodontidae, Melanostomiidae, Gonostomatidae, Sternoptychidae, among others.
Research Region N Atl coast of US, Florida Keys, Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean - Somali Current r
Skills/Expertise Midwater fishes, Myctophidae, see activities below

Group(s): GLODIR
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