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Details of Dr. Ravi Bhushan   


Gender male
Job title Scientist
Department Geosciences Division
Physical Research Laboratory ( PRL)
Navrangpura Ahmedabad 380009
Physical Research Laboratory Navrangpura
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Tel 91-79-26314304
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Website http://www.prl.ernet.in/~bhushan
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Degree PhD in Geology, Masters in Chemistry, Bachelors in Physics, Maths, Chemistry
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology , Pollution , Chemical Oceanography , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology , Pollution
Research Activities Some of my reserach interests are:
- Radiocarbon Dating and Accelerator Mass Spectrometer
 - Radiocarbon and Ocean Circulation
-  Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography
 - Chemical Oceanography 
Research Region 49, 46, 48, 71
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Chemical Oceanography Paleoceanography / Paleoclimate Radiocarbon and its applications
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Ravi BHUSHAN)

Somayajulu B.L.K., R. Bhushan, S. Krishnaswami and P.V. Narvekar. ?14C, ?CO2 and Salinity of the Western Indian Ocean Deep Waters: Spatial and Temporal Variation. Geophys. Res. Lett. 26, 18, 2869-2872, doi:10.1029/1999GL002261, 1999.
R. Bhushan, K. Dutta, S. Mulsow, P.P. Povinec and B.L.K. Somayajulu. Distribution of natural and man-made radionuclides during reoccupation of GEOSECS Stations 413 and 416 in the Arabian Sea: Temporal change. Deep-Sea Res.-II 50, 2777-2784, 2003.
N. Juyal, L.S. Chamyal, S. Bhandari, R. Bhushan and A.K. Singhvi. Continental records of the southwest monsoon during the last 130ka: Evidence from the southern margin of the Thar Desert, India. Quaternary Science Reviews 25, 2632-2650, 2006.
A. Sarkar, S. Sengupta, J.M. McArthur, P. Ravenscroft, M.K. Bera, Ravi Bhushan, A. Samanta, S. Agrawal. Evolution of Ganges?Brahmaputra western delta plain: Clues from sedimentology and carbon isotope, Quaternary Science Review 28, 2564-2581, 2009.
K. Dutta, R. Bhushan, B.L.K. Somayajulu and Neeraj Rastogi. Interannual Variation of Atmospheric ?14C over the Northern Indian Ocean. Atmosphere Environment 40, 2501-2512, 2006.
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Gyana Ranjan Tripathy, Sunil Kumar Singh, Ravi Bhushan, V. Ramaswamy. Sr-Nd isotope composition of the Bay of Bengal Sediments: Signatures of Climate impact on Erosion in the Himalaya. Geochemical Journal 45, 175-186, 2011.
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R. Bhushan, K.Dutta and B.L.K. Somayajulu. Estimates of Upwelling rates in the Arabian Sea and the Equatorial Indian Ocean based on bomb radiocarbon. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 99, 1566-1571, 2008.
R. Bhushan, B.L.K. Somayajulu, S. Chakraborty and S. Krishnaswami. Radiocarbon measurements in the Arabian Sea water column: Temporal variations since two decades after GEOSECS and CO2 air-sea exchange rates. Jour. Goephys. Res. 105, C6, 14273-14282, doi:10.1029/2000JC000255, 2000.
Goswami, V., S. K. Singh, R. Bhushan, and V. K. Rai. Temporal variations in 87Sr/86Sr and ?Nd in sediments of the southeastern Arabian Sea: Impact of monsoon and surface water circulation, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 13, Q01001, doi:10.1029/2011GC003802, 2012.
Kumar, A., A. K. Sudheer, V. Goswami and R. Bhushan. Influence of continental outflow on aerosol chemical characteristics over the Arabian Sea during winter. Atmospheric Environment, 50, 182-191, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2011.12.040, 2012.
Singh, SP, SK Singh, V Goswami, R Bhushan, VK Rai. Spatial distribution of dissolved neodymium and ?Nd in the Bay of Bengal: Role of particulate matter and mixing of water masses. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 94, 38-56, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2012.07.017, 2012.
Singh, SP, SK Singh, R Bhushan. Internal cycling of dissolved barium in water column of the Bay of Bengal. Marine Chemistry, 154, 12-23, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marchem.2013.04.013, 2013.
Goswami, V. S. K. Singh and R. Bhushan. Dissolved redox sensitive elements, Re, U and Mo in intense denitrification zone of the Arabian Sea. Chemical Geology, 291, 256-268, doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2011.10.021, 2012.
Satinder Pal Singh, Sunil Kumar Singh and Ravi Bhushan. Behavior of Dissolved Redox Sensitive Elements (U, Mo and Re) in the water column of the Bay of Bengal. Marine Chemistry 126, 76-78, doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2011.04.001, 2011.
Tyagi, A. K., A.D. Shukla, R. Bhushan, P.S. Thakker, M.G. Thakkar and N. Juyal, Mid-Holocene sedimentation and landscape evolution in the western Great Rann of Kachchh, India. Geomorphology, 151-152, 89-98, doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2012.01.018, 2012.
Manish Tiwari, R. Ramesh, R. Bhushan, B. L. K. Somayajulu, A. J. T. Jull, G. S. Burr. Paleoproductivity variations from the Equatorial Arabian Sea, implications to east African and Indian summer rainfalls and the El Nino frequency. Radiocarbon 48(1), 17-29, 2006.

Group(s): GLODIR
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