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Details of Marine Biologist M.Sc. Juan Armando SANCHEZ   


Gender male
Job title Graduate Research Assistant
Department Dept. Biological Sciences
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel +(716)645-2881
Fax +(716)645-2975
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Website http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~js15/
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Degree Student (Ph.D.) M.Sc. Marine biologist B.Sc.
Job type Research
Research Activities Colonial development of modular organisms. My study systems are gorgonian and hard corals from the Caribbean sea. Corals: Montastraea annularis and Mycethophyllia spp. Gorgonians: Eunicea spp. and Pseudopterogorgia sppe. Gorgonians and black corals habitat distributions. Growth and regenerations of corals and gorgonians. Phylogenetics (both molecular and morphological) and comparative method applied ecological-evolutive problems. Coral Reef ecology. Octocoral and black coral systematics and ecology.
Research Region 35
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Marine Biologist M.Sc. Juan SANCHEZ)

SANCHEZ J.A., J.M. DIAZ &. S. ZEA. 1998. Octocoral and black coral distribution patterns on the barrier reef-complex of Providencia island, Southwestern Caribbean. Caribbean Journal of Science. 34 (3-4): 250-264.
OPRESKO D.M. & J.A. SANCHEZ. 1997. A new species of antipatharian coral (Antipatharia: Cnidaria) from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Caribbean Journal of Science 33 (1-2):75-81.
SANCHEZ J.A. 1995. Benthic communities and geomorphology of the Tesoro Island reefs, Colombian Caribbean. Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas de Punta Betín.24: 55-77.
SANCHEZ J.A., S. ZEA &. J.M. DIAZ. 1997. Gorgonian communities of two contrasting environments from oceanic Caribbean atolls. Bulletin of Marine Science. 61(2): 61-72.
SANCHEZ. J.A. 1999. Black coral-octocoral distribution patterns on Imelda Bank, a deep-water reef bank, Colombia, Caribbean sea. Bulletin of Marine Science 65(1): 215-225.

Group(s): GLODIR
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