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Details of Dr. Sabine Arnault   


Gender female
Job title Research Scientist
Department LOCEAN
Institut de Recherches pour le Developpement, Montpellier ( IRD Sud de la France)
911, avenue Agropolis BP 64501 Montpellier cedex 5 F-34394
Université P.M. Curie, Tour 45-5ème étage, case 100 4 place Jussieu
Paris Cedex 05
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel [33] (1) 44 27 49 71
Fax [33] (1) 44 27 71 59
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Website http://www.locean-ipsl.upmc.fr
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Degree Dr (3Cy)
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities Tropical Atlantic surface layers variability using satellite, in situ observations and model results. Developing inversion methods to provide temperature and salinity profiles from altimetry

Analyse de la variabilité des couches de surface en Atlantique tropical à partir de mesures satellitales, in situ et de résultats de modèles numériques. Développement d'outils d'inversion de la mesure altimétrique en profils thermo-halins.
Research Region Tropics (especially Tropical Atlantic)
Skills/Expertise Expert in : - tropical ocean dynamics; - satellite altimetry and sea level analysis - in situ observing systems (ARGO, XBT, XCTD, CTD, ADCP...) - neuronal approach in ocean dynamics
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Sabine ARNAULT)

1.Arnault S., I. Pujol, J.L. Mélice, 2011: In situ validation of Jason1-2 altimetry missions in the tropical Atlantic ocean. To appear in Marine Geodesy.
Tanguy Y., S. Arnault, P. Lattes, 2010: Isothermal, mixed layers and barriers layers in the tropical and sub-tropical Atlantic ocean during the ARAMIS experiment. Deep Sea Res.I, doi:10.1016/j.dsr.2009.12.012
Henocq C., J. Boutin, F. Petitcolin, G. Reverdin, S. Arnault, P. Lattes, 2009: Vertical variability of Sea Surface Salinity in the Tropics: Consequences for SMOS Calibration and Validation. J. Ocean. Atm. Techn., 27, 192-209.

Group(s): EUDIR
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