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Details of Dr. Stephen L Wood   


Gender male
Job title Associate Department Head
Department Marine and Environmental Systems
Florida Institute of Technology ( Florida Tech)
150 W. University Blvd Melbourne FL 32901
150 W. University Blvd
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel (001) - (321) - 674 -7244
Fax (001) - (321) - 674 -7212
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Website http://my.fit.edu/~swood
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Degree Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering; M.S. Ocean Engineering; B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Marine and Coastal Engineering , Marine and Coastal Engineering
Research Activities Ocean Energy, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Underwater Technologies
Research Region 102
Skills/Expertise Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Stephen WOOD)

Wood, S.L., ?Autonomous Self-Mooring Vehicle - Characterization of a lagoon environment using a portable autonomous self-mooring vehicle,? Sea Technology, Volume 50, No. 1, January 2009.
Wood, S.L., ?Autonomous Underwater Gliders?, Chapter in: Intelligent Underwater Vehicles, submitted to I-Tech Education and Publishing Kirchengasse 43/3, Vienna, Austria, EU, 2009.
Waldmann, C.; Richter, L.; Wood, S., Deep Sea Crawlers for scientific Applications ? an Overview about the State-of-the-Art, EGU General Assembly, 2007-A-11248; GI3-1TU3O-006, Vienna 2007.
Wood, S.L.
? Jenkins, S., Scott, C., Strom, J., Bond, M., Gardner, H., Bell, J., vonBampus, E., Wood, S.,
Wood, S.L., and R. A. Skop.
? Christian, M., Wells, B., Baboolal, S., Maloney, P., Wood, S.,
Farrell, J., Wood, S.,
? Wood, S.L., Allan, T., Kuhn, S., Caldwell, J.,
? Maristany, L., Waters, N., Wells, B., Suarez, M., Gestewitz, R., Wiest, A., Wood, S.,
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