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Details of Dr. Declan Anthony Murray   


Gender male
Job title Senior lecturer, emeritus
University College Dublin (
Belfield Dublin 4
Dublin 4
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Degree Ph.D, B.Sc
Job type Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Limnology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Limnology
Research Activities Lake ecology, Taxonomy and Ecology of marine and freshwater Chironomidae (Insecta Diptera
Skills/Expertise Taxonomy, ecology
Comments My interest in the marine area is limited to studies on Chironomidae of the intertidal region of Atlantic islands -
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Declan MURRAY)

Murray, D.A.[2014] First records of halophilic Chironomidae (Diptera) from Lanzarote including Clunio marinus Haliday (orthocladiinae) new to the Canary Isands. Bulletin of the Irish Biogeographical Society, 38, 247-250.
Murray, D.A., Hughes, S. Furse, M.T and Murray, W.A. [2004] New records of Chironomidae (Diptera, Insecta) from the Azores, Macaronesia. Annales de Limnologie, International Journal of Limnology, 40 (1) 33-42
Murray, D.A. [2000]. Frrst recoed of Telmatogeton japonicus Tokunaga (Diptera, Chironomidae) from the British Isles and additional records of halobiontic Chironomidae from Ireland. Entomologist's monthly Magazine, 136, 157-159.
Murray, D.A. and Hughes, S. (2000). New records of marine Chironomidae (Diptera) from Madeira. in O. Hoffrichter (ed) Late 20th century Research on Chironomidae, pp 575 - 588. Shaker Verlag, Achen.
Murray, D.A. (1999) Two marine coastal dwelling Chironomidae (Diptera) new to the fauna of Iceland, Telmatogeton japonicus Tokunaga (Telmatogetoninae) and Clunio marinus Haliday (Orthocladiinae). Bulletin of the Irish Biogeographical Society vol 23 pp 89-91.

Group(s): GLODIR
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