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Details of Dr Clement Shreen Wardle   


Job title Fish Behaviour research
Department Marine Laboratory
Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory (
PO Box 101 375 Victoria Road Aberdeen AB11 9DB
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel [44] (0) 1224 876544 / 44 / 01224
Fax [44] (0) 1224 295511 / 44 / 01224
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Degree DSc PhD BSc
Job type Research
Research Activities Research into basic fish behaviour in relation to commercial and industrial activities such as effects of fishing gear, seismic survey. Fish vision, hearing and swimming abilities as well as properties of underwater sound and light as basis of stimulus to fish. Experienced tank experiments sea going experiments and field observations. Commercial teleost species Pollachius virens Scomber scombris Clupea harengus Gadus morhua and aeglifinus Trachurus trachurus. 80 or more published scientific papers.
Research Region 36, 14

Group(s): UKDIR
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