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Details of MR. Marlon Hue Hibbert   


Gender male
Department Centre for Marine Sciences
Regions Black Sea
Tel (876) 977 0262
Fax (876) 977 1033
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Degree MPhiL in Marine Science(in progess). BsC in Botany and Zoology
Job type Natural Resource Management
Research Activities Presently my research is based on the Environmental Assessment of the martha Brae River Estuary Falmouth Jamaica with the intention of creating a management plan for the area. The estaury houses one of the few remaining patches of mangrove forest on the north west coast of Jamaica. It is an area undergoing serious human degradation because of population growth and economic hardships. The area has as its main income tourist attractions , river rafting and one of particular interest the bioluminescent Oyster Bay considered to be one of the brightest in the region. The organism specific to the bay is Pyrodinium bahamense and was rported in large numbers in the late 60's but is now much lower. Charcoal burning , failed agricultural developments, residential developments are some of the human impacts currently contributing to thye areas demise. Antillan Z pot fishing and spear fishing have contributed to degradation of fisheries.
Research Region Martha Brae River(Fifth Largest in Jamaica, Oyster Bay(1km2)brackish, 8km stretc

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