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Details of Dr. Stan Wilson   


Gender male
Job title Retired Oceanographer
219 Tunbridge Road
Tel +1 443 695 5983
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Degree Ph D, MA, BS
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities Retired from serving as Senior scientific advisor to NOAA's Satellite & Information Service for the development and implementation of operational, basin-wide, space-borne ocean observing systems. Also retired as visiting scientist from UCAR organizing training workshops for marine forecasters in the developing world.
Research Region the global oceans
Skills/Expertise * Use of satellite wind and wave observations in marine forecasting * Operational oceanography * Marine meteorology * Sustained observations of the oceans
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Stan WILSON)

Understanding Sea-level Rise and Variability, J.A. Church, P.L. Woodworth, T. Aarup & W.S. Wilson (eds), 2011, Wiley-Blackwell, 428 pp.
Capabilities of Global Ocean Programmes to Inform Climate Services, N.L. Bindoff, D. Stammer, P.Y. Le Traon, K. Trenberth, C. Mauritzen, J.A. Church, N. Smith, T. Malone, T. Suga, J. Tintoré and S. Wilson, 2010, World Climate Conference - 3, Volume 1, pp 342-353 World Climate Conference - 3
A History of Oceanography from Space, W.S. Wilson, J-L Fellous, H. Kawamura, and L. Mitnik, 2006, Manual of Remote Sensing, 6, 1-31.

Group(s): NOAADIR , GOOS
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