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Details of  Bernard J. Le Boeuf   


Gender male
Job title Professor Emeritus of Biology
Department Biology & Institute of Marine Sciences
University of California, Institute of Marine Sciences, Santa Cruz ( UCSC)
Headquarters A317 Earth & Marine Sciences Building 1156 High St. Santa Cruz CA 95064
Institute of Marine Sciences
Santa Cruz
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel / (831) / 426 6203
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Degree PhD MA BA
Job type Research
Research Activities Research on social and reproductive behavior, and diving and foraging behavior of marine mammals, especially pinnipeds such as northern elephant seals, Mirounga angustirostris.
Research Region Coast of California and Baja California, Mexico; northeastern Pacific Ocean; coa
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Bernard LE BOEUF)

Blackwell, S.B., C.A. Haverl, B.J. Le Boeuf, and D.P.Costa. 1999. A method for calibrating swim-speed recorders. Marine Mammal Science 15: 894-905.
Klimley, A.P., F. Voegeli, S.C. Beavers, and B.J. Le Boeuf. 1998. Automated listening stations for tagged marine fishes. Marine Technology Society Journal. 32:94-101.
Bernardi, G., S.R. Fain, J.P. Gallo-Reynoso, A.L. Figueroa-Carranza, and B. J. Le Boeuf. 1998. Genetic variability in Guadalupe fur seals. The Journal of Heredity 89:301-305.
Webb, P.M., D.E. Crocker, S.B. Blackwell, D.P. Costa and B.J. Le Boeuf. 1998. Effects of buoyancy on the diving behavior of northern elephant seals. J. Exp. Biol. 201:2349-2358.
Le Boeuf, B.J. 1998. North American Pinnipeds. Pp 130-147 In: Wild Animals of North America. The Book Division, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.
Oliver, G.W., P.A. Morris, P.H. Thorson, and B.J. Le Boeuf. 1998. Homing behavior of juvenile northern elephant seals, Mirounga angustirostris. Marine Mammal Science 14:245-256.
Crocker, D.E., P.M. Webb, D.P. Costa, and B.J. Le Boeuf. 1998. Protein catabolism and renal function in lactating northern elephant seals. Physiological Zoology 71:485-491.
Burgess, W.C., P.L. Tyack, B.J. Le Boeuf, and D.P. Costa. 1998. A programmable acoustic recording tag and first results from free-ranging northern elephant seals. Deep-Sea Research, Part II - Topical Studies in Oceanography. 45: 1327-1351.
Campagna, C., F. Quintana, B.J. Le Boeuf, S.B. Blackwell and D.E. Crocker. 1998. Diving behaviour and foraging ecology of female southern elephant seals from Patagonia. Aquatic Mammals 24(1):1-11.
Webb, P.M., R.D. Andrews, D.P. Costa, and B.J. Le Boeuf. 1998. Heart rate and oxygen consumption of northern elephant seals during diving in the laboratory. Can. J. Zool. 71 (1):116-125.
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Group(s): GLODIR
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