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Details of Dr Thomas R Anderson   


Gender male
University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre ( NOCS - Waterfront Ca)
Waterfront Campus European Way Hampshire SO14 3ZH
Tel [44](2380) 596337
Fax [44](2380) 596247
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Website http://www.noc.soton.ac.uk/omf/index.php?action=staff_entry&ext=6337&SID=9, http://www.noc.soton.ac.uk/GDD/people/tra/
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Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities My work involves the development of ecosystem models of marine systems. Particular interests include (please see my personal webpage, URL below) for details: # Bacteria, dissolved organic matter and the microbial looop # Zooplankton modelling, including Dynamic Energy Budget models # Stoichiometry, i.e. how different elements such as C, N and P cycle in tandem # The role of bottom-up versus top-down controls of ecosystem dynamics # Model complexity # History and philosophy of science
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Thomas ANDERSON)

Yool, A., Popova, E.D., Anderson, T.R. (2011). MEDUSA-1.0: a new intermediate complexity plankton ecosystem model for the global domain. Geosciences Model Development 4, 381-417. Mayor, D.J., Cook, K., Thornton, B., Walsham, P., Witte, U.F.M., Zuur, A.F., Anderson, T.R. (2011). Absorption efficiencies and basal turnover of C, N and fatty acids in a marine Calanoid copepod. Functional Ecology 25, 509-518. Popova, E.E., Yool, A., Coward, A.C., Aksenov, Y.K., Alderson, S.G., de Cuevas, B.A., Anderson, T.R. (2010). Control of primary production in the Arctic by nutrients and light: insights from a high resolution ocean general circulation model. Biogeosciences 7, 3569-3590. Anderson, T.R., Gentleman, W.C., Sinha, B. (2010). Influence of grazing formulations on the emergent properties of a complex ecosystem model in a general circulation model. Progress in Oceanography 87, 201-213. Anderson, T.R., Tang, K.W. ( 2010). Carbon cycling and POC turnover in the mesopelagic zo ne of the ocean: Insights from a simple model. Deep-Sea Research II 57, 1581-1592. Burd, A.B., Hansell, D.A., Steinberg, D.K., Anderson, T.R., Aristegui, J., Baltar, F., Beaupre, S.R., Buesseler, K.O., DeHairs, F., Jackson, G.A., Kadko, D.C., Koppelmann, R., Lampitt, R.S., Nagata, T., Reinthaler, T., Robinson, C., Robison, B.H., Tamburini, C., Tanaka, T. (2010). Assessing the apparent imbalance between geochemical and biochemical indicators of meso- and bathypelagic biological activity: What the @$#! is wrong with present calculations of carbon budgets? Deep-Sea Research II 57, 1557-1571. Robinson, C., Steinberg, D.K., Anderson, T.R., Aristegui, J., Carlson, C.A., Frost, J.R., Ghiglione, J.-F., Robison, B.H., Tamburini, C., Tanaka, T., Wishner, K.F., Zhang, J. (2010). Mesopelagic zone ecology and biogeochemistry - a synthesis. Deep-Sea Research II 57, 1504-1518. Anderson, T.R. (2010). The beauty of science. Ocean Challenge 17(1), 4-5. Myberg, K., Ryabchenko, V., Isaev, A., Venkevich, R., Andrejev, O., Bendtsen, J., Erichsen, A., Funkquist, L., Inkala, A., Neelov, I., Rasmus, K., Medina, M.R., Raudsepp, U., Soderkvist, J.P.J., Sokolov, A., Kuosa, H., Anderson, T.R., Lehmann, A., Skogen, M.D. (2010). Validation of three-dimensional hydrodynamic models of the Gulf of Finland. Boreal Environment Research 15, 453-479. Anderson, T.R., Follows, M.J. (2010). Representing plankton functional types in ocean general circulation models: competition, tradeoffs, and self-organizing architecture. Proc. 15th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, Oxford, UK, 22-26 March 2010 (Calinescu, R., Paige, R., Kwiatkowska, M., eds). IEEE Computer Society, pp. 291-295. Sinha, B., Buitenhuis, E.T., Le Quere, C., Anderson, T.R. (2010). Comparison of the emergent behavior of a complex ecosystem model in two ocean general circulation models. Progress in Oceanography 84, 204-224. Blackford, J., Allen, J.I., Anderson, T.R., Rose, K.A. (2010). Challenges for a new generation of marine ecosystem models: Overview of the Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research (AMEMR) Symposium, 23-26 June 2008, Plymouth UK. Journal of Marine Systems 81, 1-3. Anderson, T.R. (2010). Progress in marine ecosystem modelling and the

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