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Details of Dr. William P Cochlan   


Gender male
Job title Senior Research Scientist
Department Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies
San Francisco State University ( RTC)
3152 Paradise Drive Tiburon 94920
Regions Sea of Azov
Nationality Canada
Tel (1)(415) 338-3541
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Website http://www.rtc.sfsu.edu
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Degree B.Sc.(Honours) M.Sc. Ph.D.
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Nutrient uptake and assimilation/regeneration processes using both stable and radioactive isotopes with natural phytoplankton assemblages and laboratory cultures; extensive culturing experience including experimentation with Lingulodinium polyedrum; Heterosigma akashiwo; Gymnodinium spp.; diatoms - Pseudo-nitzshia spp.; picoplankton, especially Micromonas pusilla; heterotrophic bacteria; lopogenic phytoplankton, NATO Advanced Study Institute on Physiological Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms; International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (ISSHA); North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)-Harmful Algal Blooms Working Group
Research Region 72, 85, 68
Skills/Expertise Phytoplankton culturing of and experimentation with tropical and temperate phytoplankton, including Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) species that produce biooxins and lipogenic algae used in the algal biofuel industry. Expertise in (N,C,P) nutrient usage by phytoplankton and their response to other abiotic factors such as light, temperature, salinity and acidity (pH).
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. William COCHLAN)

Auro, M.E., and W.P. Cochlan. 2013. Nitrogen utilization and toxin production by two diatoms of the Pseudo-nitzschia pseudodelicatissima complex: P. cuspidata and P. fryxelliana. J. Phycology 49: 156-169.
Cochlan, W.P., Trainer, V.L., Trick, C.G., Wells, M.L., Eberhart, B.T., and Bill, B.D. Heterosigma akashiwo in the Salish Sea: Defining growth and toxicity leading to fish kills. 2013. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Harmful Algae. (Accepted)
Ikeda, C.E., Herndon J., Gnatt, I.Y, and Cochlan, W.P. 2013. The effects of light, temperature and nutrient stress on laboratory cultures of Heterosigma akashiwo from Puget Sound, Washington, USA. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Harmful Algae. (Accepted)
Bittar, T.B., L.R. Sassano, B.J. Wheeler, S.L. Brown, W.P. Cochlan and Z.I Johnson. 2013. Carbon allocation under light and nitrogen resource gradients in two model marine phytoplankton. J. Phycology DOI: 10.1111/jpy.12060
Trainer, V.L., S.S. Bates, N. Lundholm, A.E. Thessen, W.P. Cochlan, N.G. Adams, and C.G. Trick. 2012. Pseudo-nitzschia physiological ecology, phylogeny, toxicity, monitoring and impacts on ecosystem health. Harmful Algae 14: 271-300.
Kudela, R.M., S. Seeyave, and W.P. Cochlan. 2010. The role of nutrients in regulation and promotion of harmful algal blooms in upwelling systems. Progr. Oceanogr. 85: 122-135.
Trick, C.G., B. Bill, W.P. Cochlan, M.L. Wells, V.L. Trainer, and L.D. Pickell. 2010. Iron enrichment stimulates toxic diatom production in High Nitrate, Low Chlorophyll areas. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 107: 5887-5892.
Trainer, V.L., B.M. Hickey, E.J. Lessard, W.P. Cochlan, C.G. Trick, M.L. Wells, A. MacFadyen, and S. Moore. 2009. Variability of Pseudo-nitzschia and domoic acid in the Juan de Fuca Eddy region and its adjacent shelves. Limnol. Oceanogr. 54: 289-308.
Wells, M.L., C.G. Trick, W.P. Cochlan, and B. Beall. 2009. Persistence of iron limitation in the western subarctic Pacific SEEDS II mesoscale fertilization experiment. Deep-Sea Res. II 56: 2810-2821.
Cochlan, W.P. 2008. Nitrogen Uptake in the Southern Ocean. In: Nitrogen in the Marine Environment, 2nd Edition, D.G. Capone, D.A. Bronk, M.R. Mulholland, and E.J. Carpenter [Eds.]. Academic Press, Elsevier, pp. 569-596.
Cochlan, W.P., J. Herndon, and R.M. Kudela. 2008. Inorganic and organic nitrogen uptake by the toxigenic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia australis (Bacillariophyceae). Harmful Algae 8: 111-118.
Kudela, R.M., J.Q. Lane, and W.P. Cochlan. 2008. The potential role of anthropogenically derived nitrogen in the growth of harmful algae in California, USA. Harmful Algae 8: 103-110.
Herndon, J., and W.P. Cochlan. 2007. Nitrogen utilization by the raphidophyte Heterosigma akashiwo: growth and uptake kinetics in laboratory cultures. Harmful Algae 6: 260-270.
Cochlan, W.P., and D.A. Bronk. 2003. Effects of ammonium on nitrate utilization in the Ross Sea: Implications for ?-ratio estimates. In: DiTullio, G.R, Dunbar, R.B. [Eds.], Biogeochemistry of the Ross Sea. AGU Antarctic Research Series 78: 159-178.
Cochlan, W.P., D.A. Bronk, and K.H. Coale. 2002. Trace metals and nitrogenous nutrition of Antarctic phytoplankton: experimental observations in the Ross Sea. Deep-Sea Res. II 49: 3365-3390.

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