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Details of Mr. John Arthur Berge   


Gender male
Job title Research Scientist
Department Department of Ecology
Norwegian Institute for Water Research ( NIVA)
NIVA's Head Office Gaustadalléen 21 OSLO NO-0349
Tel +47 2218 5171
Fax +47 2218 5200
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Degree Cand.real
Job type Research
Research Activities Experience in experimental research on marine benthic sedimentary ecosystems in situ and in mesocosms with special emphasis on the effect of hydrocarbons and compounds used in aquaculture. Experience in administrating multidisiplinary estuarine monitoring. Experience in monitoring organic micropolutants and metals in fish, crustaceans, bivalves and algae. Experience in experimental research on uptake of chlorinated organic compounds and metals in fish and crustaceans. Experience in performing environmental impact assessments related to the oil industry. Experience in research on the effects of pollutants on marine ecosystems. Effects of oil and oilspills in the marine environment Experience in experimental research on fish behaviour. Experience in research related to TBT and biological effects.

Group(s): NORDIR
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