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Details of Dr. Paolo Cipollini   


Gender male
Job title Senior Researcher
National Oceanography Centre ( NOC)
European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH
National Oceanography Centre European Way
SO14 3ZH
United Kingdom
Nationality Italy
Tel [44](23) 80596404
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Website http://noc.ac.uk/people/cipo, http://noc.ac.uk/people/cipo
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities

I am a satellite oceanographer with an engineering background and 20+ years’ experience in remote sensing applied to the study of the oceans and climate. My work involves processing data from different satellite missions, extracting the geophysical information from the data and using that information in collaboration with physical, biological and theoretical oceanographers to unveil the physics and biology of the oceans, and in particular to help understanding how they affect climate and impact on our society. 

My main area of work is the discipline of satellite radar altimetry, one of the most powerful tools we have to look at the oceans. In the past I have used altimetry to study planetary waves, mysterious long waves travelling across the oceans that may affect currents and climate. In recent years I have led the development of coastal altimetry - i.e. the efforts to recover meaningful measurements of sea level and wave height from altimetry in the coastal zone.

I am the coordinator of the International Coastal Altimetry Community, the Chair of the Organizing committee of the Coastal Altimetry Workshops, a contributing member of OSTST and Cryosat-2 Quality Working Group and a former topic editor of Ocean Science. I was the Project Manager of ESA’s COASTALT Project for the development of Coastal Altimetry (2008-2012) and the science leader in the eSurge Project for the provision of Earth Observation data for storm surge studies (2011-2014). I also have specific experience on validation issues from the validation work in COASTALT, eSurge and CP4O and I am the coordinator of the VOCALS3 consortium to the Sentinel-3 Validation Team.

Working languages English, Italian
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Paolo CIPOLLINI)

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