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Details of Dr. Ana Ramos   


Gender female
Job title Senior Researcher
Department Centro Oceanográfico de Vigo
Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia - Vigo ( IEO - Vigo)
Cabo Estai - Canido 1552 Vigo 36200
Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia - Vigo Cabo Estai - Canido 1552
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel 34986492111
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Website http://www.ecoafrik.es, http://www.bentart.es
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Degree PhD
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities * 80 scientific documents (articles and book chapters) (ANNEXE). * 200 technical documents and scientific rapports. * 100 scientific communications exposed in international conferences and symposiums. * Leader or participant in 30 research projects, 20 of them financed in public call. * Participation in 50 committees or international representation. * Participation in 60 international conferences and symposiums. * Membership: -FAO-CECAF Demersal Working Group Evaluation. -FAO-EAF Nansen Project. -CCLME Project Steering Committee and Working Groups on ‘Biodiversity, habitats and water quality’ and ‘Planning surveys and data analysis’. -CoMarge (Census of Marine Life) -INDEEP project and network. * Referee of Polar Biology, Deep-Sea Research and Scientia Marina
Research Region 36, 70, 71, 46
Working languages English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Skills/Expertise * Experience in R&D project management gained over 20 years of competitive tendering of public calls of different funding agencies (20 projects financed). * Planning and organizational skills gained in project management and oceanographic research surveys in Antarctica and Africa, mostly international, during 24 years. * Leadership skills, gained in coordinating teams of 10-40 national and international researchers. * Capacity for training and tutelage of research and PhD students, fellows and university students. * Ability for informative activity acquired in exhibitions, articles and documentary scripts. * Capacity for work in international and multicultural teams, from my experience with researchers from Europe, Latin America and Africa, in projects and surveys, participation in international scientific meeting and conferences and Committees representation.

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