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Gender male
Job title Senior Researcher, Vice Director Oceanography Center
Nationality Cyprus
Tel 357 22893988
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Degree MSci, PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Data Management , Operational Support (technical) , Extension Services (Public Awareness)
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Pollution , Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Pollution
Research Activities participated as Associated Researcher, or Scientific Coordinator 2014-2016 EUCISE2020, 7th FP 2014-2017, MyOCEAN-FO, H2020 2012-2014 MyOCEAN-II, 7th FP 2011-2015 SeaDataNet-II, 7th FP 2012-2015 PERSEUS, 7th FP 2012-2015 MEDESS4MS, MED programm 2011-2014 GROOM, 7th FP 2011-2014 PREMARPOL, Interreg 2007-2013 2010-2012 E-Wave, Cyprus RPF& structured funds of EU 2009-2011 EMODNET Lot 3 2009-2011 MyOCEAN, 7th FP 2009-2011 Upgrade Black Sea Scene, 7th FP 2007-2010: ECOOP, European Coastal sea Operational observing and Forecasting system, 6th FP. 2006-2010: SeaDataNet-, A Pan European Infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data management EU, 6th FP. 2006-2010: SESAME, Southern European Seas : Assessing and Modelling the changes in Ecosystems, 6th FP. 2006-2008: Aqua-Planner, System for evaluate the Environmental impact from aquaculture, EU INTERREG III ? Greece-Cyprus 2000-2006. 2006-2007: CORI- Prevention and management of sea originated risks to the coastal zone, EU INTERREG III B ARCHIMED. 2004-2008 : MERSEA-IP- Marine Environment and Security in the European Areas-Integrated Project, EU, 6th Frame Program. 2004-2006: MFSTEP-Mediterranean Forecasting System Towards Environmental Predictions, EU, 5th Frame Program, EVK. 2004-2006 : CYCO-Cyprus Costal Oceanography, Cyprus-Russia bilateral project. 2003-2004: MERSEA strand 1, Marine Environment and Security in the European Areas, EU, 5th Frame Program, EVK3. 2002-2004: ESEAS-RI -European Sea Level Service Research Infrastructure, EU, 5th Frame Program, EVR1. 2002-2004: SEA-SEARCH, , Pan-European Network for Ocean & Marine Metadata and Information Management, EVR1, EU, 5th FP. 2002-today: CYCOFOS-Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting and Observing System. Cyprus project. 2002-2005: MAMA-Mediterranean network to Access and upgrade Monitoring & forecasting Activities in the Area, EU, 5th FP, EVK. 2000-2003 : CYCLOPS-Cycling of Phosphorous in Mediterranean Sea, EU, 5th FP, EVK3. 1998-2000 : MFSPP-Mediterranean Forecasting System Pilot Project, EU- 4th FP, MAST. 1998-2000 : MEDAR-MEDATLAS-II- Mediterranean Hydrological Database, EU- 4th FP, MAST. 1998-1999 : Radiological Impact Assessment in the Southeastern Mediterranean Area. Cyprus-international project. 1995-today: CYBO - Cyprus Basin Oceanography, Cyprus project. 1994-1995 : MED-FINES-Mediterranean Fine Thermohaline Structure, bilateral project Italy-Greece. 1993-1994 : PELAGOS- Hydrodynamics and Biogeochemical Fluxes in the Straits of the Cretan Arc, Eastern Mediterranean Sea, EU, 3rd FP, MAST. : MITO - Microphyte Toxins project, a EU JRC project. : Oceanography of the Corfu Sea, northeastern Ionian, Greece national project. 1987-1991 : MED-POL - Mediterranean Pollution Monitoring and Research, UNEP-Greece project. 1985-1987 :POEM-I- Physical Oceanography of the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece- international project.
Research Region 83, 82, 3, 80
Working languages English, Greek, Russian
Skills/Expertise Physical Oceanography, operational oceanography, numerical modelling, remote sensing, data management, organization of long term ocean cruises Operational oceanography, runs the CYCOFOS coastal ocean forecating and ovserving system, acts as the Cyprus NODC, runs the BYTHOS online database for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, data collection in the Levantine Basin using various observing platforms, satellite remote sensing data analyses, numerical modelling, oil spill predictions, physical and biological oceanography, etc.
Comments Nomintated GOOS national Focal Point, see e-mail dated 3/03/2010 in reply to CL 2328rev
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. George ZODIATIS)

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