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Details of Mr. Emanuele Bigagli   


Gender male
Job title PhD student
Department Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing
Wageningen University and Research Centre ( WUR)
PO Box 74 Wageningen 6700 AA
Wageningen University and Research Centre PO Box 74
6700 AA
Netherlands (The)
Nationality Italy
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Degree Master (MSc, MTech)
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities My fields of interest and experience are ocean governance and integrated assessment and management.
Research Region 81, 3
Working languages English,French,Greek,Italian
Skills/Expertise Ocean governance; EU ocean laws and policies; marine social-ecological systems; marine integrated management
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Emanuele BIGAGLI)

Bigagli, E. (2015). The EU legal framework for the management of marine complex social-ecological systems. Marine Policy 54, 44-51.
Abramic, A., Nunes da Lima, V., Smits, P., Bigagli, E., Schubert, C. ?Maritime Spatial Planning Framework Directive Supported by INSPIRE?, at the INSPIRE Conference / Geospatial World Forum 2015, Lisbon, 25-29 May 2015.
Zampoukas N., Piha H., Bigagli E., Hoepffner N., Hanke G. and Cardoso A. C. (2013). Marine Monitoring in the European Union: How to fulfill the requirements for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive in an efficient and integrated way. Marine Policy 39, pp. 349-351.
Zampoukas, N., Piha, H., Bigagli, E., Hoepffner, N., Hanke, G., Cardoso, A.C. Monitoring for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive: Requirements and OptionsĀ· JRC Technical Report 2012. DOI: 10.2788/77640
Bigagli E. (2011). Data and information for an integrated assessment of the marine environment in Europe: theory, legislation and practice. Abstract for oral presentation at the 11th CoastGIS Conference, Oostend, Belgium, 5-8 September 2011. ISBN: 9788889405239.

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