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Details of Mr. Adama Badiane   


Gender female
Job title researcher
Department universitecheikh anta diop de dakar
fann, dakar, senegal
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel 00 221 774317945
Fax 00 221 33 825 93 64
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities The Northwest African upwelling is one of 4 major systems of upwelling around the world. The atmospheric and oceanic circulations associated to this system cause upwelling of deep water rich in nutrients along the coasts. The enrichment of nutrients to surface waters to support a high production Plankton which itself feeds a large small pelagic fish stock. The proposed course fits into a broader framework of research aimed at understanding the biotic and abiotic variability These small pelagic environment and understand how this environment structure these communities of small pelagics in terms of distribution and variability.

L’upwelling nord-ouest africain est l’un des 4 grands systèmes dits d’upwelling de par le monde. Les circulations atmosphérique et océanique associées à ce système engendrent des remontées d’eau profonde riche en sels nutritifs le long des côtes. L’enrichissement en sels nutritifs des eaux de surface permet de soutenir une forte production planctonique qui elle-même nourrit un stock important de petits poissons pélagiques. Le stage proposé s’inscrit dans un cadre plus large d’activités de recherche ayant pour objectif de comprendre la variabilité biotique et abiotique de l’environnement de ces petits pélagiques et de comprendre comment cet environnement structure ces communautés de petits pélagiques en terme de distribution et de variabilité.
Research Region Atlantic tropical
Working languages French and English
Skills/Expertise Unix, Windows cdo, NCO, Xfig, Xmgrace, & ferret C, Fortran, Matlab, octave, scilab, word, Excel, power point
Comments Indeed, throughout the course of my thesis I am called to manage and deal with oceanographic data. So this training Course will enable me to gain knowledge on the management of essential data for the realization of a good thesis . In addition to my laboratory , the oceanographic campaigns are conducted periodically "You can cite some campaigns," therefore, this training will enable me to have an edge on managing the campaigns data

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