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Details of  Craig A BURTON   


Gender male
Job title Regional Manager
Department Regional
Seafish Industry Authority, Hull ( Seafish)
St Andrews Dock Hull HU3 4QE
Regions Sea of Azov
Nationality United Kingdom
Tel [44] (1967) 431573
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Website http://www.seafish.org.uk
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Degree Master (MSc, MTech)
Job type Research , Natural Resource Management , Decision Making & Policy , Extension Services (Public Awareness) , Technical Advice & Consulting , Other
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Research Support Services , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Research Support Services
Research Activities Primary research interest has been the stocking of the european lobster, Homarus gammarus. This has incorporated all aspects: hatchery design, management and costing; site selection and survey; tagging and release strategies; recapture and recovery strategies; data processing; carrying capacity estimation; fishery management strategies; legislation; fishery assessment; gear design; industry application and support; use of artificial structures; diving; Experience in the culture of a range of other crustacean species. Identification and investigation of possible candidates for temperate marine aquaculture from a range of species, both crustacean and non-crustacean. Molluscan shellfish and fin-fish culture. Assessment of fishery infrastructure and the formulation of development plans. Fishing industry support. Artificial structures and capture fisheries, the debate between the different sectors. Use of diving in underwater scientific investigations. Development of government policy and legislation.
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Extensive experience throughout the seafood supply chain, from primary production, though processing to final consumption. Delivery of business advice and development. Identification of research priorities and delivery.
Comments This work forms part of the wider remit of the Sea Fish Industry Authority, whose objective is to try and secure a sustainable future for the stocks and fishing industry. The Authority comprises 2 main offices: Edinburgh; dealing with policy, economics, statistics and marketing. Grimsby; dealing with capture fisheries and natural resourses. Training; dealing with skill development for the catching and processing sectors. There are also a number of area based staff, supporting the industry. Aquaculture advice is area based.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Craig BURTON)

Burton CA (2012) Marking juvenile lobsters for stock enhancement and fishery studies. Proceedings of contributed papers Aquaculture Canada 2011. AAC Special Publication 20 p66-68.
Burton CA (2009) Ardtoe, a plaice in history. Fish Farmer.
Utting, Burton & Syvret (2004) Seafish Aquaculture Technical Information Sheets. 7 in series.
Burton C A (2003) Lobster Hatcheries & Stocking Programmes: an introductory manual. Sea Fish Industry Authority, Edinburgh. 103 pp CD-ROM
Slaski, Utting, Burton (2002) Seafish Aquaculture Hyperbooks. 8 in series. CD-ROM

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